Overview - Named - Tasks and Missions

Al'Kabor's Nightmare - Named

a berserk mammoth
"an enraged mammoth" ph. unrelenting rage, grim gore.
Drops Mammoth Fur Shawl, Mammoth Bone Bow, and Mammoth Hide Leathers.

a drachnid bloodknight
Drops Bloodmagic Emblem, Spectral Bloodsword, and Bloodmagic Spellscroll.

Named goblin in Everfrost, hits about 11k. Self buffs with Glacial Armor, which gives him a 14k defensive proc.
Drops Goblin Jeweled Pendant, Enchanted Bearskin Cape, and Drenz's Claw Necklace.

a drolvarg captain
Named dog, hits 11k. Failing fortitude.
Drops Chainlink Metal Pendant, Drolvarg Haversack, and Ensorcelled Spiked Collar.

Emperor Crush
Drops Emperor Crush's Coif, Emperor Crush's Matlock, and Emperor Crush's Ornate Mask.

General Jyleel
Named High Elf, hits around 11k. Every 45 seconds he casts Unwavering Will, which raises his attack rate for 30 sec, then heals for 100k.
Drops Elven Defender's Cloak, Jyleel's Seal, and Jyleel's Swordsman's Cloak.

Named Everfrost Orc, hits arouund 11k. Casts Virile Lure, a snare with gravity.
Drops Blessed Warrior's Earring, Warleader's Shield, and Earring of Divinity.

Heartwood Master
Drops Leaf-sewn Cloak, Ornamental Iron Shield, and Druid Masters Cloak.

Jenni Hollowfield
halfing, cast lockdown.
Drops Jenni's Memento, Hollowfield's Cudgel, and Chip of the Wall.

Drops RunnyEye Cape, Mooto's Stone, and Mooto's Ragged Cloak.

a mountain giant patriarch
Drops Stone-Etched Runic Earring, Patchwork Animal Fur Belt, and Patriatch's Bone Earring.

Plaguebone Overlord
Named dreadlands skeleton, hits about 11k. Parasitic feed
Drops Plaguebone Fingerbone, Plaugebone's Sigil, Plaguebone Overlord's Band.

Princess Klaknak
Drops Princess Klaknak's Antenna, Klaknak Falchion, and Princess Klaknak's Eye.

Queen Klaknak
Summons 2 adds. Casts Royal Rage, a 39k PBAE with 2 sec stun.
Drops Klaknak Carapace Belt, Queen's Horn, and Queen Klaknak Carapace Belt.

Winfrey the Mad
Drops Rivervale Bandit's Coin, Murderer's Knife, and Assassin's Coin.

Zyren Shadowriver
Named wood elf, hits around 11k. Casts Nature's Embrace, a 11k PBAE dot.
Drops Nature Imbued Earring, Wood Elf Ancient Spellbook, Zyren's Hoop.