Overview - Named - Tasks and Missions

The Illuminating Truth

Who- General Arbin Derrex
Requirements- Heretics Among Us, The Fallen Citadel, Erudin's Apocalypse, The Destroyers' Den, Raiders of the Sacred Tomes, Fall of the Tae Ew, and Welcome to My Nightmare.
Phrase- Willing

Mission steps:



Say "leave" to zone into the instance.

Arbin wants to sacrifice what remains of Erudin to keep it from falling into the hands of the heretics but Erud won't let him. To convince Erud he wants you to find 3 guildmasters and report back on their status. You'll find Markus on the ledge just outside the tunnel, Ghanlin on the second floor of the library, and Lanken of the roof of the former HQs. You'll need to hail each of them while standing close and you should clear the surrounding areas while there. After hailing all 3 report back to Erud who is pleased they are alive and wants to snap them out of whatever has a hold on them. He asks you to get a guide from Arbin, however when you hail Arbin he and 2 guards attack. Defeat them, loot the guide, and give it to Erud.

Next you need 3 ground spawns which are marked on the map. Collect them and give them to Erud who fastens a Torch out of them. Head back to each guildmaster and equip the torch to spawn a shade. Each shade has a different spell, Torment has a fear, Nightmare has a blind/silence, and Horror has a stun, 12k dd, 4k dot. This is why you clear the areas first. Once all 3 are dispatched return to Erud who has figured out who is behind this. Go back to the Library and up to the roof. Erud will be there and spawn Terris Thule. She casts Nightmare's Shroud, a large rune, Eternal Slumber, an endless 7k dot with 30 curse counters, and Enduring Nightmares, and endless 5k dot PBAE with 30 curse counters. When Terris dies the mission locks and a chest spawns with one spell and one of the following: