Overview - Named - Tasks and Missions

Erudin Burning - Named

Algot the Deathshaper
Casts Algot's Penetrating Stare, a 2.5k dd plus stun and Algot's Impalement, a 12k dd plus flux.
Drops Gate Caller Focus Crystal, Gate Caller's Battlestaff, and Algot's Focus Crystal.

Named rat. Casts Souldrinker Thrust, a 10k dd with small dot and mana drain
Drops Dockmaster Pauldrons, Warpwood Darkclaw, and Inscribed Dockmaster Pauldrons.

Damar the Overseer
Casts Flaming Parchments a short range 20kdd.
Drops Eldritch Lifeshawl, Profane Runebelt, Runeward of Necropotence, and Damar's Eldritch Lifeshawl.

Named Golem, hits just shy of 10k. Procs Bonedust Spray a 1250 mana dot.
Drops Heretic's Knuckleguard, Femurstack's Wishbone, and Heretic's Serrated Knuckleguard Femurstack's Enchanted Wishbone.

Garnak Pryphan
Named female erudite, hits just shy of 10k. Casts Garnak's Dagger Throw, a 14k dd and small dot.
Drops Deepwater Initiate's Cloak, Erudin Library Booksatchel, Stolen Spear of the Soothsayer, and Deepwater Knight's Cloak.

Handar Prentius
Casts Cone of Chaotic Dread a 5.6k to 12.4k dd, small snare, and resist debuff.
Drops Hukus Ring, Traveller's Wardshield, Prismatic Hukus Ring.

Kanah the Heartslicer
Casts Kanah's Aortic Strike, a 14.5k dd.
Drops Ailettes of the Champion, Emasciantite Firegem, and Diamondcast Ailettes of the Champion.

Named skeleton.
Drops Ring of Glamouring, Tantarene Gem of Heretical Power, and Quickened Ring of Glamouring.

The Tome-Eater
Casts Burning Paper Cuts a 20k pbae
Drops Triumphal Cindercape, Sigiled Synochleon, Elementalist Rod of Control, and Golden Triumphal Cindercape.

Vindel the Ripper
Casts Vindel's Terrorlance a 15k dd and 30 sec fear.
Drops Ring of Erudin, Ensorcelled Suncloak, and Master Ring of Erudin.