Overview - Named - Tasks and Missions

Fear Itself - Named

Ancient Dracoliche
Drops Dracoliche Bone Ring, Dracoliche Crate, and Dracoliche Enchanted Ring.

13k curse of thule summons 1 low hp add per player every 30ish sec.
Drops Amygdalan Knight's Cloak, Darkfire Scepter, and Argendev's Shroud.

Decrepit Warder
creeping petrification.
Drops Warder's Talon, Bow of the Warder, and Warder's Eye.

Deranged Toad
Named undead frog. Casts dementia, a 12 sec charm
Drops Ancient Froglok Ring, Stone of Insanity, and Mind's Bulwark Ring.

13k, oppresion of thule, scarab storm.
Drops Fear Plane Pauldrons, Dread's Blade, and Dread's Plating.

Drops Amygdalan Ornament, Dyalgem's Hammer, and Dyalgem's Earring of Magic.

Engorged Spinechiller
13k, spine chill.
Drops Spinechiller Web Mask, Chilling Short Staff, and Spinechiller Chitin Mask.

Essence of Terror
Drops Fragment of Fear, Rod of Terror's Essence, and Catpured Terror's Essence

13k, magi curse 24636, oppresion of thule.
Drops Thulian Belt, Essence of Fright, and Belt of Fright.

Giant Phoboplasm
Drops Cazic Thule Chain Belt, Phoboplasmic Shield, and Cord of Dried Phoboplasm.

Irak Altil
skeleton, curse of the fallen.
Drops Bone Sliver Earring, Cloak of Dark Beguilment, and Irak's Earring.

Ireblind Imp
Drops Silk Imp Mask, Ireblind Imp Heart, and Leather Fear Mask.

Iron Fist
Drops Iron Fist's Amethyst Ring, Frightfinger Necklace, and Iron Fist's Blood Ring.

Katerra the Anquished
Drops Katerra's Totem, Dagger of Anquish, and Anguished Totem.

Drops Mastelyn's Cloak, Mastelyn's Knuckles, and Amygdalan Warrior's Cloak.

Evil eye.
Drops Fear-Touched Amulet, Mindleech-Touched Axe, and Mindleech's Eye.

Nightmare of Thule
Drops Nightmare Flame Band, Nightmare Planar Spear, and Mark of the Nightmare of Thule.

boogeyman, 13k, Blur + Odious.
Drops Ring of Hatred, Axe of Odium, and Odium's Touch.

Possessed Samhain
Drops Shrunken Jack-o-Lantern, Strawgolem Stuffing, and Shrunken Samhain's Head.

very top floor, curse of thule, Rend Essence .
Drops Amygdalan's Wrap, Amygdalan Soldier's Boots, and Rerekalen's Pauldrons.

gorgon, outside pit. necrotic snakebite 13k.
Drops Shakare's Talon, Spirit of the Gorgon, and Shakare's Hair.

Tempest Reaver
Drops Thick Executioner's Shawl, Reaver's Killing Blade, and Reaver's Armor.

Golem, 13k, Glaciate , oppression of thule.
Drops Cazic Thule Guardian Band, Terror's Hammer, and Ring of Pure Terror.

Twisted Tormentor
Drops Tentacle Necklace, Vile Tormentor Skin, and Amulet of Anicent Fears.

second floor of temple, amagdalan, curse of thule.
Drops Guardian of Fear's Mark, Amygdalan Skullpads, and Undaleen's Stud.

Undead Shiverback
Drops Shiverback Tooth Earring, Shiverback Shield, and Shiverback Bone Earring.

Wraith of a Shissar
shissar venom
Drops Gorgon's Earring, Gorgon-Skin Bandana, and Shissar's Talon.

enraged glarelord.
Drops Ring of Visible Fear, Zykean's Iris, and Ring of the Eyes.