Overview - Named - Tasks and Missions

The Feerrott - Named

Named skeleton. Casts Dark Resistance which pushes people away and Darkbolt a 15k targeted AE.
Drops Leaf of Autumn, Dreadcloak, Leaf of Blackest Winter, and Dreadcloak of the Blackbone.

Bouncer Captain Grak
Named Ogre. Casts Face Smash a 25k dd with stun.
Drops Grak's Crude Stein, Bouncer's Best Friend, and Clurg's Prized Stein.

Diggory the Traveller
Named zombie, quads for around 11k. Casts Rot Bolt a 20k dd and 5k dot.
Drops Golden Band of the Traveler, Traveler's Strongbox, and Diggory's Ring.

Donna the Explorer
Casts Rot Bolt a 20k dd and 5k dot.
Drops Tear of the Mourning Lover. Deadman's Battleaxe, Donna's Tear of Lost Love.

Enraged Gorilla Patriarch
Big ape. Casts Chest Thump a 25k PBAE with stun.
Drops Drape of the Ape, Fearful Spiked Knuckles, and Great Ape's Nape Drape.

Expedition Leader Krupp
Named frogloc ghost. Summons 2 adds on engage and casts Achilles Cut a 3k dot and snare.
Drops Explorer's Cape, Gem of Unwavering Tenacity, and Krupp's Drape of Exploration.

Fearful Specter
Named specter. Casts Touch of Fear single (non MT) target fear and Dread Pulse a 23k dd with snare and stun.
Drops Trinket of the Fearful, Sword of the Specter, and Spectral Skull of the Fear.

Named diseased ape. Casts Creeping Pustules a 5k PBAE viral dot.
Drops Putrid Gorilla Fur Mask, Rattle of the Easily Amused, Festerface.

Huetzin the Brute
Named brown lizard, pure melee.
Drops Earring of Lethargic Rage, Brutal Enforcer, and Brute's Bangle of Sluggish Precision.

The Leaper
Named spider. Randomly ports to a person on hatelist then blur.
Drops Leaper's Silk Collar, Jumping Axe, and Silken Collar of the Jungle Arachnid.

Named spider. Casts Sulfurous Venom a 5k dot with end/mana drain.
Drops Girdle of the Feartouched Arachnid, Feartouched Fang of Ferociousness, Malice's Girdle of Fearsome Torture.

Named rot dog. Casts Bloodfeed a 5k lifetap dot.
Drops Badly Chewed Doll, Patches' Gnarled Bone, and Slightly Chewed Doll.

Named snake. Casts Bloodspray a 20k dd with 5k dot and stun.
Drops Whitened Totem, Scale of the Dark Serpent, and Bleached Totem.

Sentinel Quilaztli
Named Tae Ew. Casts Precision Strike a 20k dd with stun.
Drops Shards of the Jungle Sentinel, Quilaztli's Cutlass, and Chipped Shards of Dread.

Shaman Ixchell
Named Tae Ew. Casts Swarm of Bees 3k dot that reduces spell damage on casters and summons a basilisk swarm pet every 15 seconds.
Drops Raven Claw Amulet, Shield of Rituals, and Horrific Shrunken Head.

Tanglefang Alpha
Named wolf. Casts Fanglock a 10k dot with gravity.
Drops Tanglewolf Fang, The Alpha's Claw, The Alpha's Adornment.

Temilotzin the Zealot
Named Tae Ew. Casts Gripping Fear a fear with snare, corruption resist and Blood Rites a progressive dot.
Drops Volew Scale Visor, Dagger of the Devoted, and Zealot's Faceguard of Terrified Aggression.

Terror Unleashed
Named amygdalan. Casts Mana Fright which reduces mana by 3k and Breath of Night a 28k directional AE.
Drops Shrunken Petrified Amygdalan Tentacle, Terror Infused Battleskirt, and Shorn Tendril of Terror's Minion.

Named snake. Casts Blood Cloud a 4k dot and 70% slow and Bloodspittle on any that get far away.
Drops Necklace of the Drowned, Intricate Scarlet Rod, and Necklace of the Revived.

Voracious Feeder
Named fish thing. Casts Feeding Frenzy quickly, an 8k dd.
Drops Emerald Earring, Axe of the Woodcutter, Emerald Earring of Rot.

Watcher Yaotl
Named Tae Ew? Casts Whirlwind of Blades a 20k PBAE.
Drops Tae Ew Stitched Spaulders, Deadeye Ring, The Watchers' Stitched Spaulders, and Watchful Ring.

Named wolf. Casts Twilight which starts as a 3k hot, but then becomes a 6k dot plus blind.
Drops Faceguard of Turning Dreams, Guard of Tangible Thoughts, and Whitepaws's Faceplate of Realized Nightmares.

Xiucozcatl the Feared
Named Tae Ew. Casts Critical Strike a 20k dd with 8k dot.
Drops Totem of Dark Rites, Fearless Bulwark, and Totem of Vile Rites.