Overview - Named - Tasks and Missions

The Gardner

Who- Gardener Aeriht
Requirements- Giladan's Assistant, What a Mess, It Only Gets Worse, A Tearable Fear, and Welcome to My Nightmare
Phrase- stop

Mission steps:



Say "ready" to zone into the instance.

Aeriht blames you for stirring up the denizens of the Grounds and wants you to stop the revolt, and while doing so locate the parts of his book. Upon zoning in your first task is to locate 3 pockets of resistance, the treants to the northwest, the scarecrows to the northeast, and the bixies to the south. After visiting each spot come back and hail Aeriht. He then sends you back to each spot to kill 8 of the mobs and collect a page. Once you have the pages hand them in and Aeriht now mentions needing a binding from the zombies near the HoT zone to the west. Kill a few till you get a drop then med up. When you turn in the binding Aeriht gets a bit crazy with the power of the book. He respawns as a hostile yellow con and summons 2 white con Constructs. The constructs can not be mezzed, but can be off rooted while you kill Aeriht. When Aeriht dies the constructs despawn, task locks, and the chest appears with one spell and one of the following: