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Mashing Pumpkins

Who- Barkley
Requirements- none
Phrase- pumpkins

Mission steps:



Say "start" to zone into the instance.

Barkley is dismayed by what has overcome the pumpkin patch and needs your help in drawing out the Spirit. Every mob in this instance sees invis and sos so you will likely want to bring someone with FD to speed things out. Start by chatting with Grechla, then Barkley, then to the center to find Giladan who says he knows of a book that might have the spirits name in it, and its in the hedge maze. Go into the maze to find the ground spawn and deliver it to Giladan. When you hail him a bunch of see invis/sos rot dogs pop along the ramp along with 3 ground spawns which are the pages Giladan needs. Train the dogs away while someone picks up the pages, hands them in to Giladan, and hail him to learn the spirits name, Azarianel. When you return to Barkley he says that you'll need to smash some pumpkins to draw out the spirit. Each scarecrow drops one, so kill off 10, preferably those along the north edge of the zone. If going for Black Thumb achievement, you'll need 20 and make sure you spread them out. The smashing has a 2 second recast so to smash all in 15 seconds you'll want 4 people with 5 each. Anyway, once you smash enough the spirit spawns to the west a bit (hopefully you've killed off the scarecrows close by). Say its name, Azarianel, it attacks, Kill it. The task locks when it dies. Lastly hail Barkely to spawn the chest with one spell and one of the following: