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Welcome to My Nightmare

Who- Researcher Breoro
Requirements- The Beast of Rot, The Beast of the Unknown, The Beast of Rage, and The Beast of Horror
Phrase- ready

Mission steps:



Researcher Breoro is plagued by nightmares and needs your help to escaping them. Now that he has the 4 potions he can allow you into the nightmare. Say "go" to enter the instance.

The 12 keepers are spread around, 3 to a room. Each of them is either a necromancer or shadowknight and cast the appropriate spells. They are all mezzable, rootable, run at low health, and leashed to their rooms. When each set of three die a Beast spawns on the last one killed so be ready. The Beasts see invis/sos, are unsnareable, unmezzable, summon, and are leasheed to their rooms.

Bianoa, Dalmari, and Polyai reside in a room through the southeast door of the main chamber. When all 3 die, The Beast of Rot spawns, a big bush.
Vilban, Eteran, and Cilkian resides in a room through the northeast door of the main chamber. When all 3 die, The Beast of the Unknown spawn, a big evil eye. Casts Curse of Fire, an hour long debuff that makes you take more fire damage.
Jilan, Barja, and Nujoi reside in the spider area through th southwest door of main chamber. When all 3 die, The Beast of Horror spawns, big drachnid. It hits just shy of 8k and casts Nightmarish Venom, an 8k dot that drains 5k mana and 2k endurance per tick.
Tyoan, Zilkan, and Moian reside in a room through the northwest door of the main chamber. Watch for roaming sleeping cubes.

After defeating the four beasts, head back to the entry chamber and med up. Hail Researcher Breoro who then attacks you! Once he gets to very low hp he will plead for you to stop. Hail him and a chest appears with one spell fragment and one of the following: