Overview - Named - Tasks and Missions

House of Thule (lower) - Named

Named skeleton. Casts Sucker Punch, a 20k dd, 6 sec stun, and 1k endurance dot.
Drops Steel Shoulders of Spite, Hardened Dragon's Tear, and Frost Covered Pauldrons.

Darnor the Terror Lord
Named shadowknight. Casts Horrifying Presence, a 3 tick fear and 80% snare, corruption resist.
Drops Belt of the Faithful Servant, Hook of Disembowling, and Darnor's Belt of Ultimate Terror.

Named gelatinous cube. Casts Vitality Sap, a 21k lifetap with physical resist.
Drops Crystalized Ooze Ring, Slippery Slimerock, and Ring of the All Seeing Eye.

Named bone golem. Casts Chant of Chaos, a 30k directional dd, make sure it faces away from group.
Drops Belt of Dreamslaying, Hammer of Greatness, and Girdle of Impossible Dreams.

The Executioner
Named terror guard. Casts Executioner's Blade, a 20k PBAE dd.
Drops Executioner's Choker, Cinch of Braided Hair, Blood Splattered Gorget, and Belt of Torture.

Executioner Brand
Named terror guard. Casts Death Slash, a 18k dd with 4 sec stun.
Drops Executioner's Shoulders, Scepter of Smashing, and Fancy Chain Gorget.

Named rotdog. Casts Diseased Bite, a single target 18k dd with 7k dot.
Drops Fanciful Mask of Joyful Slaying, Greataxe of Fervent Rage, and Gohednugh's Mask of the Goat.

Named rotdog. Casts Soul Siphon, a 3k lifetap dot.
DropsRotspittle Ring, Eye of Rot, and Ring of the Fearborn.

Named skeleton. Casts Night Strike, a 16k AE that hits any within 100 range of tank.
Drops Ganborn's Stick of Curses, Shield of Spiteful Dreams, Ganborn's Rod of Curses.

Gibbering Haunt
Named ghost. Casts Ghastly Moan, a single tick fear.
Drops Ring of Righteous Fury, Blade of Tortured Souls, Ring of Gibbering Madness.

Named rot dog. Hits for around 7000. Buffs himself with Feast of Flesh, this allows him to lifetap with his attacks and an 8k reverse DS.
Drops Carved Bone Totem, Dagger of Rotting Flesh, and Inscribed Bone Totem.

Named rotdog. Hits for around 6k and casts Rot Spittle, a 6k PBAE dot with 20 disease counters.
Drops Emerald Ring of Rot, Painmaker, and Twisted Ring of Madness.

Isabeaux Darkdreamer
Named Erudite bone crafter. Casts Melting Flesh, a progressive dot with 30 curse counters.
Drops Isabeaux' Ring of Dark Tidings, Darkdreamer's Rod, Deathspike Earring.

Nightmare Golem
Named bone golem. Casts Terrifying Glare, a single target fear with 80% snare, lasts 3 ticks, corruption resist.
Drops Orb of Undead Rites, Shield of Fangs, and Petrified Rat of Monster Slaying.

Nightmare Widow
Named spider. Hits for around 6500. Casts Nightmare Venom, an 8k dot that also drains 2k mana/end per tick.
Drops Bloodstained Cloak, Deathpoint, and Cape of Strong Silk.

Named snake. Casts Frightful Venom, a 25k dd, 6 sec stun, and 7k dot.
Drops Ring of Unfettered Rage, Eclipse, and Ring of the Evil Wanderer.

Old Rusty
Named terror guard. Casts Painful Blow, a massive 41k dd with physical resist.
Drops Neckguard of Purity, Jagged Metal Knuckles, and Healer's Gorget of Aid.

Shaman Jorg
Named erudite shaman. Casts Red Death, a PBAE with 2k dot and 90% melee slow, lasts 4 ticks.
Drops Cape of the Wailing Winds, Gilded Bow of the Hunter, Poncho of Ultimate Pain.

Named gelatinous cube. Casts Slumber, a nasty debuff that reduces all accuracy by 12%.
Drops Ring of the Flowing Wind, Acorn of Spite, Ring of Restless Sleep.