Overview - Named - Tasks and Missions

House of Thule (upper) - Named

Blood elemental.
Drops Ring of Promises, Shield of the Dreaming Centaur, and Ring of Gleeful Slaying.

Gorilla. gorilla chomp and simian punch
Drops Golden Mask of X'Tala, Scimitar of the Jungle, and Mask of Masking.

putrefying bite and savage wargscent.
Drops Iceleaf Earring, Frozen Band of War, and Rotdog Bone Earring

Icy Devourer
Named ooze, spawns in the water pit in ice wing. Casts Spurt of Acidic Frost.
Drops Cloak of the Majestic Unicorn, Sabre of Icy Retribution, and Icy Cloak.

spoiling bite, nightsting.
Drops Lightbane Stud, Insania Stone, and Nightstorm Earrings

Drops Mimes' Tear, Ornate Wooden Blade, and Magical Lint chest

Named centipede. cast Spitevenom.
Drops Studded Veil of the Assassin, Headcracker, and Frightbone Mask.

Swirling Fog Elemental
insidious fog.
Drops Belt of the Heavens, Swirling Fist of Fog, and Silver Belt of Purity