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The Stuff of Dreams

Who- Scholar Kintorom
Requirements- Interview with a Scholar, History of the World, Part 2, Book of Secrets, Fall of the Tae Ew, and Welcome to My Nightmare
Phrase- Confront

Mission steps:



Say "proceed" to zone into instance.

For this mission you work your way to the top of the library killing in stages as you go. Each time you trigger a "make your way" step one of the 3 mobs for next step will auto agro, shortly after the second, then the third (the tomes attack in waves of 5 for a total of 15). After killing the 3 trash you fight a clone of a loot dropper from the static zone. After killing the named of each stage you can rest up and Kintorom will catch up with you. When you reach the top you fight Matilda, also a clone. The mission locks when she dies. After she is dead Kintorom will attempt to claim the Encylopedia, but he is expelled as the knowledge is too much. YOU MUST HAVE SOMEONE ALIVE IN ZONE FOR THIS. If you wipe to adds after killing Matilda you won't get credit for final step and will need to start over. A chest spawns with one spell amd one of the following: