Overview - Named - Tasks and Missions

The Library - Named

Archivist Herrdar
Hits around 10k. Casts Rejected Classification, a 33k dd with 4.5k dot rarely.
Drops Spaulders of Obsession, Tome of Compulsive Classification, Archivist's Spaulders of Fanaticism, and Herrdar's Prized Compendium.

Ardull the Watcher
Named suit of armor. Hits just over 11k. Periodicly he casts Gathering Rage, a 40k damage absorbed. If you don't do enough during the 30 sec he fires Focused Rage, a 50k PBAE with flux. If you do enough, it only casts Interrupted Rage, a 20k PBAE.
Drops Tome Guardian's Waistguard, Battlemage's Aegis, and Waistguard of the Library's Guardian.

Chronicler Cerro
Named Dark elf. Hits just shy of 10k. Every 50 seconds he self buffs with Ancient Defense Tactics, a 30 sec buff that increases his dodge and riposte.
Drops Chronicler's Velvet Gorget, Petrified Skull of the Unworthy, and Gorget of the Ardent Researcher.

Compendium of Nightmares
Drops Hoop of Whirling Words, Nightmarish Page of Empowerment, Rusty Letter Opener, and Guardian's Hoop of Waking Horror.

Curator Majda
Named erudite. Casts Embalm, a 20k dd with near root and 4k dot.
Drops Kinked Mask of Preservation, Perfectly Preserved Maple Leaf Alluring Ivory Dagger, and Majda's Empowered Visor of Preservation.

Head Librarian Matilda
Named High elf. Hits just over 10k. Summons multiple adds during the fight (70, 50, 30, and 10%). She will then buff the "dutiful librarian" adds with Flame of Knowledge, a 12 second buff that gives them a 10k dd proc. Additionally she self buffs with Preservation of Knowledge, a 12 sec boost to attack, haste, and resists.
Drops Head Librarian's Crescent Bauble, Runic Partisan, and Matilda's Crescent Bauble of Wandering.

Professor Glumb
Named gnome. Hit just under 10k. Self buffs with Thesis of Cowardice, a 30 hit rune, as well as occasionally casting Gnomic Cowardice, 18 second DA.
Drops Fragile Trinket of Command, Ancient Inscribed Shield, and Glumb's Trinket of Tactical Cowardice.

Tome of the Fallen
Drops Brazen Mask of Sentience, Locket of Living Legends, and Brazen Mask of the Fallen.