Overview - Named - Tasks and Missions

Morell's Castle - Named

Shiliskin. Self buffs with Shiliskin Rage, a short duration haste and 25k spell rune.
Drops Drape of the Shellscale, Exarch's Intricate Scepter, and Bielaisk's Cape

Bishop the Scorned
Pirate. Casts Scimitar Swing, an 8k dd with 8k dot.
Drops Striped Gnomish Epaulets, Ianthine Holy Sword, and Scorned Epaulets of Diminutive Prestige

Chief Maeder
A Centaur. Casts Hammering Hooves, 15k dd with 70% slow and Stunning Whipcrack, a 20kish dd with spinstun.
Drops Leather Belt of the Centaur, Maeder's Staff of Station, and Chief Maeder's Leather Belt

The Constructor
Hand. Casts Handful of Pain, 19k dd with stun.
Drops Simple Chest of Contruction and Wicked Axe of Deconstruction

Unicorn. Self buffs with Daelai's Hasting, 25% haste with small atk and agi boost, and casts Unicorn Power Strike, a 30k dd and 2900 mana drain.
Drops Hard-bristled Brush, Enigmatic Buckler, and Daelai's Dandy Brush

A dream drake. Casts Illusory Dazzle, a 12 sec mez and mana drain.
Drops Drixie's Dreamlike Hoop, Darkdream Dagger, and Band of Woven Dreams.

Esmeralda the Vengeful
Named pirate. Casts Esmeralda's Blue Oath, a mez with a dot...
Drops Gold Inlaid Earring of Vengeance, Savage Spiritblade, and Esmeralda's Vengeful Earring.

Feral Jackrabbit
Rabbit! Casts Necrotic Jackrabbit Bite, a 20kish dd and 3.5k dot.
Drops Unlucky Hare's Foot, Rabbit-hide Roundshield, and Very Unlucky Feral Hare's Foot

Forest Phantasm
Shade. Casts Lesson in Terror, a 6 sec single target fear.
Drops Ring of the Forest Phantasm, Shimmering Heart of the Phantasm, and Phantasm's Ring of the Woods

Banshee. Casts Infectious Terror, a viral fear, and Chilling Frightwave, a 6500 AE dot.
Drops Mask of the Insatiable, Candied Brain, and Mask of the Skinned Candy Hoarder

Treant. Casts Bristling Rootvines, a short duration root and dot, and Traumatic Treant-struck Torpor, a stun, snare, and 6k dot.
Drops Wilting Leaf Stud, Bark of the Wilting Grove, and Stud of Decomposing Foliage

Halfling. Casts Stab From Darkness, a 15k dd and random dot.
Drops Ensorcelled Cildren's Doll, Satin Gloves of the Hag, and Worn Cildren's Doll

Guardian Ather
Suit of Armor. Casts Phantasmal Hindrance, a snare, mana dot, and spell fizzler.
Drops Companion's Purple Earring, Malleable Core of the Guardian, and Amethyst Ward of the Companion

Named halfling. Casts Hans' Plucky Retort, a 22k dd, spinstun, and spell fizzler.
Drops String of Candied Gems, Detuned Lute of the Candycrazed, and Hans' Precious Cord of Sweets

Water Snake. Casts Nesseun's Aura of Mystery, a spinstun and shadowstep.
Drops Tackle of Nesseun's Last Meal, Maul of Shadows, and Forgotten Fisherman's Fly-Hook

Omander the Devoted
Guard. Casts Defensive Counterstoke, a 17k dd, stun, and small flux.
Drops Sentinel's Ornate Band, Ormander's Spiritfork, and Elaborate Band of the Devoted

Oruff the Seer
Satyr. Casts Curse of Laughter, silence, amnesia, and 4400 mana dot for 6 sec.
Drops Star of the Seer, Scimitar of Seasons, and Oruff's Earring of Foresight

The Puppeteer
Marionette. Casts Pull of the Strings, 26k dd with 6 sec fear.
Drops Iron Vestment of Control, Chestplate of the Manipulator, and Steely Vestment of the Grand Manipulator

Redmur the Dreamlancer
Sandman. Casts Sandman Slam, a 16k AE with stun.
Drops Sand Sculpted Ursine Totem, Unbreakable Sandstone, and Sandborn Ursine Ornament.

Seawitch Persion
Siren. Casts Harmonic Anthem, a 6 sec AE mez.
Drops Gem of the Biting Depths, Enthralling Barrier, and Frigid Gem of the Deep Sea

Shiliskin. Casts Silbacle's Smiting Strike, a large random dot and mana drain.
Drops Shellscale Bone Fetish Necklace, Somatic Plate Armguards, and Silbacle's Rosary of Conquest

Songtress Laioni
Siren. Casts Melodic Hymn, a short duration mez that cuts your max mana by 8k.
Drops Ring of the Singing Siren, Mesmerizing Ripper, and Laioni's Ring of Enchanting Harmony

Bunny! Casts Leporine Screech, a stun and silence, and Vicious Ankle Bite, a 12k dd and 1500 dot AE.
Drops Speckled Bunny Belt, Umbrage, and Leaping Girdle of Speckles

Wisp of Hope
Wisp. Casts Shocking Arc, 18k dd and stun.
Drops Visor of Bad Dreams, Mace of Dark Dreams, and Faceplate of Inflammatory Nightmares

Zerkelos the Damned
Gargoyle. Casts Zerklos' Talon Slash, a 6k dd and 1k dot.
Drops Pallid Coat of the Vicarious, Venomous Shards of the Damned, and Zerkelos Ashen Cloak of Damnation