Overview - Named - Tasks and Missions

Miragul's Nightmare - Named

Drops Mask of the Bloodraven, Bloodfeather's Eye, and Mask of the Fancy Ball. wrist

Drops Reinforced Pauldrons of Dread, Rotslicer, and Ornate Fearstalker Pauldrons

Casts Broad Swipe, 19k AE with stun and Vengeful Swipe, a 30k dd with spinistun.
Drops Foeslicer's Shoulders, Shard of the Deep Blue Sea, and Masterwork Spaulders of War

Gilibus the Unseen
Named shadowman. Casts Unseen Force, a push spell that forces you 150 feet away, Sleight of Hand, a 33k AE with Blind, and self buffs with Invisible Barrier, a 6000 point ds that lasts for 12 sec.
Drops Ring of the Unseen, Spear of the Eagle Eye, and Ring of Unknown Dangers

Iglum the Deformed
Shade golem in secret hall. 13k. Unbridled Rage and Fractured Limb
Drops Iglum's Earring of Slaying, Frostguard, and Iglum's Earring

Shadowlord Gixblat
Named mephite shade, hits about 13k. Casts Phantom Sap, 19k dot and 3.6k end drain. On fade it drains 9.7k mana and silences
Drops Gixblat's Charm of Shadow, Gixblat's Sword of Massacre, and Evershadow Candle. chest

Sotor the Unmerciful
Named mephit shade, hits about 13k. Casts Impenetrable Barrier, a 50k rune. If you don't do enough to knock off the rune, it casts aa 13k AE
Drops Sotor's Choker of Wrath, Sotor's Hammer of Pain, and Shimmering Choker of Lunar Might

Soul Taster
Named shade. Spawns a Spirit and a Shadow which seems to power up if not killed. A lot.
Drops Skirt of Lost Souls, Rose of Mourning, and Girdle of the Grave