Overview - Named - Tasks and Missions

Sanctum Somnium - Named

an arcane warden
wizard. Call of the Avalanche
Drops Warden's Stud, Arcane Warden's Earring.

Archmagus Erlen
Drops Archmagus Earring, Adamantine Spellblade, and Erlen's Earring.

Archmagus Nesalie
Drops Royal Magician's Cloak, Nesalie's Spell Gem, and Archmagi Cloak.

The Beast King
Beastly Overgrowth .
Drops Beast King's Claw, Beast King's Scepter, and Beast King's Fang.

a bladedancer guardian
Drops Guardian's Pauldrons, Guardian's Greaves, and Bladedancer's Shoulderpad.

a bright warden
Drops Warden's Band, Possessed Rod, and Bright Warden's Opal Ring.

Conjurer Nallen
Drops Spellblade Ring, Conjurer's Orb, and Spelltorrent Ring.

Demonologist Sharra
Drops Ritualistic Doll, Demon's Horn, Sharra's Rituailstic Doll.

The Dream Collector
specter. 14.5k. strike of the dream collector.
Drops Dream-Conjured Pauldrons, Dreamer's Cord, and Dream Collector's Shroud.

Dream Destroyer
Drops Dream Destroyer's Essence, Dream Destroyer's Hand, and Spectral Essence.

Executor Bashka
Cut Down to Size
Drops Executioner's Charm, Blood-Soaked Spellstone, and Bashka's Charm.

a flesheating beetle
Whiff of Beetle Juice.
Drops Beetle Shell Belt, Warped Chitin Bow, and Gleaming Beetle Shell Belt.

Giant Warlord
Drops Warlord's Dargontooth Necklace, Warlord's Shadowy Halberd, and Warlord's Unholy Pendant.

a goblin raid leader
Drops Enchanted Goblin Earring, Spectral Darkhammer, and Raid Leader's Earring.

High Priest Casmion
. Divine Dispossession
Drops Black Book of Spells, Blessing of Might, and Casmion's Black Book of Spells.

High Priest Darsia
Drops High Priest Cloak, High Priest's Leggings, and Darsia's Cloak.

an infected rat
Drops Scrap Metal Mask, Plaguescale Rod, and Killer's Mask.

Knight Captain Elena
Drops Knight Captain's Gold Belt, Knight Captain's Dagger, and Elena's Gold Belt.

Knight Captain Rosch
Drops Royal Knight's Earring, Knight Captain's Shield, and Rosch's Metal Stud.

Larrow the Demented
Named beggar, 14.5k.
Drops Beggar's Scarf, Taskmaster's Flail, and Larrow's Hood.

a lifeweaver servant
Drops Servant's Cloak, Lifeweaver's Symbol, and Lifeweaver's Cloak.

Master Thief Quentin
Leprechaun area. 14.5k. Corrupted Lariat Snare, Quentin's Lariat
Drops Quentin's Outfit and Burglar's Satchel.

a psychotic leprechaun
Named Leprechaun, 12k. Curse of the Leprechaun
Drops Enchanted Gold Mask, Twisted Dream Shield, and Humanoid Leather Mask.

Rites Master Lorett
Drops Ritual Rites Ring, Ritual Impaler, and Ritual Blood Ring.

a shadow warden
Nethertide Affront .
Drops Warden's Hoop, Shadow Warden's Rapier, and Shadow Warden's Hoop.

a shieldbearer guardian
Drops Amaranthine Shield, Shieldbearer's Lance.

a soulmage servant
fatal whisper.
Drops Soulmage's Veil, Soulmage's Leathers, and Viel of Somnium.

a spellsword guardian
Drops Spellsword Guardian's Ring, Nightmarish Greataxe, and Guardian's Jeweled Ring.

a spellward servant
compelling stare.
Drops Dream Servant's Ring, Spellward's Saber, and Spellward Knuckleguard.