Overview - Named - Tasks and Missions

The Well - Named

Death Stinger
Named scorpion, hits a tad under 10k, casts nightmarish venom.
Drops Vial of Toxic Scorpion Venom, Blackened Shroud of Death Dealer, Furious Spiked Staff Vial of Death Stinger's Venom.

Death Spider
Named spider, hits a tad under 10k, casts Web Tangle.
Drops Regurgitated Skull Ring, Slime Coated Pebble of the Deep, Darkened Skull Ring of the Depths.

Doom Snake
Named snake. hits a tad under 10k, necrotic snakebite. bold cave viper ph
Drops Doom Snake's Collar, Unidentifiable Shard of Bone, Gorget of Eternal Darkness.