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Safe Passage

Who- Commander Barvian
Where- Kithicor
Requirements- none
Phrase- escort

Mission steps: Reward: Notes:

I *strongly* suggest a mezzer (bard / chanter) and a tracker for this mission

After getting the mission talk with Scout Fathim to be transported into the instance. Once inside head east to the tunnel, but take the time to wipe out the Obliteration camp along the way and any kos animals along the way. When your group is ready all go into the tunnel together and 3-4 Obliteration agents will attack. Once defeated talk with Thalan, take a deep breath, and say "go" to begin the cat herding. 20ish refugees and 10ish warriors will begin an epic trek to Kithicor. If too many refugees die, you fail. If Colonel Thalen dies, you fail. If you get agro on the Colonel, you fail. The refugees get very strung out as they march along. I suggest having one person take "point", mezzer stay near Thalan, and tracker in the middle.

On the march to Kithicor you will get an ambush emote at 6 points. Have your tracker announce direction and take out the 2 Obliteration agents that spawned. Be quick, the mindless refugees will continue their march triggering more ambushes even if you haven't killed the previous yet. When they reach the Kithicor zoneline med up and when ready talk to Thalan to get ported into Kithicor.

In the forest you need to clear a path. If you have the time I suggest killing every animal between the zoneline and the center of the forest to prevent them from agro'ing at the worst possible times. You won't need to worry about the Obliteration camps as they shouldn't agro during the escort. When cleared you will need to trigger the "scout" lines, on is down the road south from zoneline and the second is west of the first, a camp of Obliteration agents off the road. With the path cleared go back to Thalan and kick off the second trek.

Again I suggest setting up at point, a central tracker, and mezzer near Thalan. You'll get another 6 ambushes, these spawning 2-3 agents each. If a mob is beating on Thalan mez it quick, you can't let him die or you start all over. Occasionally one of the ambushers will go into a bugged state and get instant full health regen. Thalan must reach the fort near the center of the zone for the task to update and he will just keep attacking the bugged agents. Keeping them mezzed will allow Thalan to reach the fort. When he does, hail him and port out then hail Barvian for the win.