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Bitter Victuals

Who- Firiona Vie
Where- Kithicor
Requirements- Vengeance and Deliverance
Phrase- volunteer

Mission steps: Reward: Notes:

After getting the mission click on the open books on the table in Firiona's tent to be transported into the instance. Head east to the tunnel to find Selkith. She'll send you after the Great Black Spiders, they are fairly numerous and drop the poison glands frequently. They have an annoying AE blind but are otherwise trivial. When you have all your drops head back and Selkith with give you a stack of Poison. Head towards the camp in the center of the commonlands and kill off all the inhabitants, including the 5 assassins and Althorsis. Once the camp is clear walk up to the victual chests and open a trade window (like an npc) to give them each a vial of poison. Return to Selkith to complete the mission.