Overview - Named - Tasks and Missions

Convorteum - Named

A Blazing Basilisk
Drops Blazing Basilisk Scale Drape, Lavaflow Stonefist, Blazing Protective Scales, and Magma Skin Cape

Alysse the Librarian
Drops Learned Pauldrons, Silencer, Tear of the Bellikos, Item Name

Animated Lava
Drops Lavaborne Gem, Spiked Hammer of Animated Lava, Magmaborne Gem

Apexus Enforcer
Drops Stoneborn Belt, Enforcer's Bow, Enforcer Stone Chip, and Belt of the Foreigner

Apexus Punisher
Drops Guard of the Two-Faced, Element of Punishment, Tainted Chip of Hardened Clay, and Punisher's Guard

Armethys Keenslice
Drops Roseheart Protection, Deathrose Stiletto, Poisonheart, and Armethys' Guardian Ring

Bellikos Bloodsiren.
Gimp named, hits around 10k with single rampage. Pure melee.
Drops Bellikos Girdle, Bloodletter of the Bellikos, Facet of the Siren, and Jeweled Guard of the Bloodsiren

Deformed Firebug
Drops Broken Insect Legs, Twisted Fire Wand, Buckler of the Capricious Firebug, and Deformed Mandible

Drops Pumice Choker, Pumice Mace, Martel of the Clumsy, and Gressie Choker

Named Gigyn
Drops Blood-Faded Ring, Fallen Leviathan's Runic Hatchet, Darkened Gem of the Leviathan, Mana-Infused Gigyn Ring

Lithographer Bakann
Drops Stone-Laced Earring, Lithographer's Mallet, Burning Seal of Truth, and Lithographer's Earring

Mistress of Pain
Drops Eye of Suffering, Bladed Choker, Painblade, Eye of Agonizing Pain, and Item Name

Priestess of the First
Hits for just over 10.5k with single target rampage.
Drops Blessed Ruby Hoop, Crescent Staff of the Priestess, Jewel of the Self, and Priestess' Ethereal Hoop

Sergeant Deepwater
Drops Freshly Mined Gold Shard, Band of the Convorteum's Army, Unholy Deepwater Maul, Sergeant's Mining Pick, and Sergeant's Mark

Slaggard the Smelter
Has a frontal AE of some kind
Drops Partially Melted Shoulderguard, Molten Blade of the Smelter, Lavasource, and Slag-Drenched Pauldrons

Spitting Firebug
Drops Heated Firebug's Ring, Ignited Heart of the Firebug, Eye of the Spitting Firebug, and Searing Firebug's Ring

Summoner Netikos
Drops Coreforged Ring, Hammer of the Apostate, Everburning Jewel, and Authoritative Ring of the Core

The Collector
Has a gravity type effect which pulls players towards him followed by an AE DD.
Drops Bloody Mask, Lava Scorched Cloak, Collection Probe, Collector's Lava Protection Mask, and Collector's Sample Cloak

The Scavenger Subjugator
Drops Crystalwoven Shoulderguards, Subjugator's Eversharp Axe, Ornate Safeguard of the Autarchians, and Scavenged Crystal Guard

Twisted Handmaiden
Drops Double Loop of Companionship, Blackened Band of the Chaotic, Rose of the Handmaiden, Glowing Clasp of the Handmaiden, and Crystalline Twisted Band

Warden Bindleskin
Drops Jaws of the Mechanic, Prized Gear of the Autarch Tinkerers, Large Jaws of the Mechanic