Overview - Named - Tasks and Missions

Foundation - Named

a brass golem
Named golem. Hits for a tad over 9k, immune to snare, summons, and casts Brass Bell, a PBAE 5k dot with 1 second stun.
Drops Intruderbane Hook, Brassbound Ward, and Underquarry Staunchhook

a flint genati
Named genati. Hits for a touch over 9k and is immune to snare. It summons and casts a 200 pt DS on itself
Drops Burynai Scoutpick, Luminous Seeding Gem, and Regla's Pick

a master soldier
Named cliknar. Hits around 7800, immune to snare, summons, casts Master's Strike, a 25k dd.
Drops Foreman's Blessed Throatguard, Soldier's Striker and Reggund's Blessed Throatguard

a master scout
Named cliknar. Hits for about 8500, immune to snare, summons, mezable, and casts Vital Srike, a 15k dd with 6k dot
Drops Aurantic Hivebauble, Razorjaw Fang, Vermilionite Underbead

a master hunter
Named cliknar. Hits for about 8500, immune to snare, summons, mezable, and casts Arcane Master Hatesummon, a flux stun.
Drops Intertwexed Stickpick, Hunter's Trap, Lord Ragarrh's Stickpick

a red gold golem
Named golem. hits for 7800, immune to snare, summons, and has 2 single target spells Shining Reflection, a blind with small pushback and Golden Touch, a short 2.5 second stun.
Drops Incorruptible Tear and Many-pocketed Pouch

a sand genati
Named genati. Immune to snare, summons, mezable. Hits for aroun 8500 and summons an add, "a sand pile" every 20% health. Adds are mezzable and hit for up to 6k. He casts the AE Sandfall, which is a 13k dd, 5k dot, and snare.
Drops Ring of the Planar Explorer, Obsidianite Spar, and Chitinous Thornring

Agriculturist Spong
Named Sporali. Max hit around 8k. Casts Incisory Spore Spray, a 10k dd with 2.5k dot AE.
Drops Spong's Kerchief, Spong's Digging Tool, and Ventilator of Leaves

Named Belikos. Hits for 7800 and flurries. She casts Flying Knife Cyclone, a directional AE that does 22k dd, 2 sec stun, and small knockback
Drops Arabella's Gorgetine, Doll Smasher, and Arabella's Polished Gorgetine

Creeping Mold
Named slime. Spawns little blue con adds, apparently timed.
Drops Bedrock Mantle, Golden Ore, and Deep Strata Leavings

Fetid Boring Beetle
Named bug. When killed it respawns as a "Reborn Fetid Boring Beetle".
Drops Putrid Belt of Appendages, Sessiloid Pneumostellate, and Fetid Girdle

Named Burynai. Will burrow into the ground (despawn) during the fight and surface under the last person on agro.
Drops Digger Clan Ring, Merl's Problem Solver, and Merl Digger's Ring

Ragbeard the Morose
Named dwarf rogue.
Drops Genata Tooth, Morose Puncher, and Goralf's Tooth

Tilda Grintwisdom
Named gnome mage. Hits for around 6500, casts mage nukes, and occasionally summons an "explosive device" pet. The pet also hits for around 6500 and will cast Shrapnel, a 14k AE.
Drops Frumpy Shawl, Grintwisdom's Gift, and Grintwisdom's Shawl

Named Burynai. Max hit is around 8500, immune to snare and mez, summons. It casts Pick Strike, a 22.5 k dd.
Drops Pyroglyphic Earpeg, Trag's Digger, and Subnexian Earpeg