Overview - Named - Tasks and Missions

Kernagir - Named

A Cliknar Invader
Named cliknar. Hits for around 10.5k. It casts Acidic Spittle, a 26k directional dd.
Drops Cloak of the Underfood Council, Club of Spores, and Fungusweave Cloak

A Guard
Drops traps which cast Frozen Explosion, a 18k AE with 70% melee slow.
Drops Guard's Algid Girdle, Algid Ice Cube, and Guard's Algid Belt

A Raging Gygin
Drops Hoop of Loyalty, Rager's Beating Stick, and Underfoot Earrings

A Resonating Crystalkin
Named crystal thing. Hits for around 10k. It casts Resonant Hum, a PBAE with 75% slow and drunk, and Song of My Beauty, a directional 26k dd.
Drops Crystalkin Amice, Crystalshell Buckler, and Crystalkin Mantle

A Rogue Builder
Named Robot. Immune to snare and mez, summons, hits for around 11.5k. It casts Hypnotic Dance, a short duration AE mez, and Rock Crusher, a hefty 23k AE dd.
Drops Earring of the Resolute, Slime-Etched Sleeves, and Earring of the Stalwart

A Shop Sweeper (Trelinna, Mistriss of Pain)
Named Gnome, follow dialog and it changes into Trelinna, Mistriss of Pain. It casts Rain of Stone, a massive 50k AE centered on tank and Wave of Shock, a 3 sec stun AE.
Drops Dusty Bone Hoop, Well-Used Sweeper, Trelinna's Bone Hoop, and Trelinna's Sweeper

A Wary Guard (Sirana, the Knife Mistress)
This named spawns as a non-agro yellow A Wary Guard. Hail and walk through dialog and it changes to Sirana.
Drops Ring of Shining Solace, Beguiler's Last Answer, and Ring of Beguiling

An Abraded Genari
Named Genari. Immune to snare and mez, summons, hits for over 12k. Has boatloads of hp and strong AC.
Drops Ring of Genari Agitation, Runed Genati Fragment, Ring of Genari Provocation, and Intricately Runed Genati Fragment

An Energetic Guardian
Named Dwarf
Drops Earring of Zealous Action, Centurian Bloodmage Gem, and Earring of the Assiduous

An Overgrown Crystalkin
Named crystaline creature. Immune to snare and mez, summons, hits for around 11.5k with single target rampage. Throughout the fight it summons grey con non-agro Living Crystal Shards. If you do not destroy these, the crystalkin will consume them to heal. It also casts Crystalline Shard Volley, a 17k AE with 4k dot.
Drops Crystalchain Cloak, Discarded Wand, and Exquisite Cloak of Crystalchain

An Oversized Burynai
Named furball
Drops Mask of the Burrower, Backdigging Martel, and Mask of the Collier

Bekthar, Kobold Mob Leader
Named Kobold. Summons 3 zone trash to assist him during the fight.
Drops Pack Leader's Collar, Ring of Barking Anger, Collar of Rabid Fury, and Ring of Barking Rage

Granth, The Mad Sizentist
Named gnome? It casts Shrink Ray, a single target debuff that reduces atk, reduces melee damage, snares, and is a 1200 dot.
Drops Mad Sizentist Chaplet, Mad Sizentist Shield, and Mad Sizentit Carcanet

Harbinger Of The Undying One
Named Gnoll. Immune to snare and mez, summons, hits for around 11.5k with no spells. When killed it respawns instantly and must be killed again to get loot.
Drops Ring of Stalwart Faith, Orb of Timeless Stone, and Ring of Energetic Faith

Tani The Fire Alchemist
Named gnome. Immune to snare and mez, summons, hits for around 10k. She casts Alchemical Immolant 8k/tick dot and Alchemical Fireball a 26k AE.
Drops Enkindled Ring, Jewel of the Flame Alchemist, and Torrid Ring