Overview - Named - Tasks and Missions

Volska's Husk - Named

Unlike other zones, it appear each named in Volska's Husk has 3 sets of drops instead of 2.

Named sporali. Immune to snare and mez, summons. Hits around 11k and casts Deadly Spores, 10k AE with 3500 dot.
Drops Exidian Mask, Sarcodon Drape, Annulus Sash, Visage of Deathspore, Deathspore Drape , and Deathspore Sash,

Foreman Growl
Named gnoll. Immune to snare and mez, summons. Hits around 9300 and casts Gravy Train, 9-12k AE with 1k (avg) dot.
Drops Mask of Sonic Sight, Frozen Maiden's Tear, Shield of Gnollish Rage, Visage of the Bull, and Candles of Everburning

Mature Greken
Drops Burning Bauble, Greken Heart, Lump of Felsic Lava, Flame-Engulfed Bauble, and Mature Greken Heart

Mistress Lisjani
Named Belikos -
Drops Protective Choker, Lava-Forged Aquamarine Band, Delicate Crimson Ring, Lisjani's Protective Choker, Lisjani's Aquamarine Band, and Lisjani's Crimson Ring

Scout Flametongue
Named mephit. Immune to snare and mez, summons. Casts a root.
Drops Gnoll Hide Leather Collar, Chainmail Cloak of Glorious Battle, Living Golem Heart, Flametongue's Gorget of Flame, and Chainmail Cloak of Glorious Battle

Skin Borer Beetle
Named bug. Immune to snare and mez, summons. Hits around 9k and casts Terrifying Charge, 45k dd with flux.
Drops Carapace Guard, Steelspike Belt, Rotted Shrunken Skull, Shiny Carapace Guard, Steelskin Belt, and Pristine Shrunken Skull

Stoneskull Spider
Spawns in the nest area?
Drops Spiderbone Pincer, Darkrune Ring of Mastery, Pheremone Pod, Stoneskull Mandibles, Ring of Forgotten Ancestors, and Stoneskull's Pheremone Pod

Slag Golem
Named lava golem. Immune to snare and mez, summons. Hits around 11k and casts Thundering Fists, 15k directional dd with 2 sec stun.
Drops Slagshard Earring, Slagstone, Crystalline Tear, Incandescent Slagshard Earring, and Burning Heart of Slag

Taskmaster Jialli
- AE charm
Drops Taskmaster's Pauldrons, Indigo Band, Incarnadine Gemstone, Jialli's Pauldrons, and Jialli's Ring

Trickster Flamescar
Named Mephit - Blinds
Drops Earring of Delightful Pain, Ring of Righteous Slaying, Hardened Sessiloid Tear, Earring of the Halfmoon, and Ring of Uncertain Fate