Overview - Named - Tasks and Missions

Beasts' Domain - Named

An Ancient Selyrah
Named selyrah. Casts Dire Gaze, a frontal AE that does 26k dd and dispels 3 buffs.
Drops Aged Selyrah Collar, Ornamented Braxi Horn, Selyrah Skin Bag, and Ancient Selyrah Scarf.

Named wyvern. Hits for about 19k and casts Piercing Screech, a 6 sec fear.
Drops Vile Hide Cloak, Shield of Blightwing, Blightwing's Cape.

Named crocodile. Casts Tail Swipe, a rear ark 40k AE.
Drops Alligator Hide Wrap, Shield of the River Monster, and Bonecracker Belt.

Named raptor. Supposedly casts Mighty Charge, a single target 48k dd with small knockback.
Drops Boneshard of the Lost, Mossy Cudgel, and Deafening Hoop of the Bonecruncher.

Named ape. Hits about 21k and casts Initimidating Chest Thump, a 45k AE dd with 4 sec stun.
Drops Serrated Hoop of Savagery, Energetic Rod, and Bopo's Loop of the Benaesa.

Named wyvern. Supposedly casts Fierce Swipe, a 36k PBAE with small flux.
Drops Earring of Sonic Amplifications, Gemstone of the Victorious, and Deathglider's Claw.

Named goral. Hits for about 19k and casts Earsplitting Howl, a short range 12 sec 28k dot AE.
Drops Goral-Tooth Necklace, Deathleaper's Tenderizer, and Deathleaper's Pendant.

Named snake. Casts Life Squeeze, a single target debuff that reduces your max hp to 70% for 18 seconds.
Drops Bleached Bones, Deathsquirm's Fang, and Bones of a Recent Victim.

Elder Gotikan
Named hunter. Hits for about 19k and buffs himself with Shield of Nature, a 75k rune. When the rune fades it triggers Bestial Blaze, a 13k AE.
Drops Vines of the Domain, Beasts' Domain Tangle, and Gotikan's Herb Pouch.

Jorth Hunter of Beasts
Named hunter. Hits in 19k range and casts Longshot, a 40k dd with 3 second stun.
Drops Mottled Hide Cloak, Savage Boneblade, and Trophy Hide of the Hunter.

Karn the Hunter
Named alaran hunter. Casts Snareshot, a 24 second AE that deals 31k per tick and 50% melee slow.
Drops Amber Ring of the Forest Wilder, Bloody Scythe, and Karn's Carved Jade Ring.

King Rex
Named dinosaur. Hits for 19k and casts Thunderous Roar, a 5 second stun AE with knockback.
Drops Mangled Talisman of Rex, Scar of Rex, and Flawless Talisman of Rex.

Maw Lurker
Named crocodile. Hits around 19k and casts Debilitating Bite, a 37k dd and 36 second big snare
Drops Fang-Studded Choker, Amber of the Cullicidae, and Collar of the Maw Lurker.

Named naeya. Hits in 19k range and casts Devastating Fanglock, a 20k dot with gravity for 18 seconds.
Drops Beast Hide Loincloth, Nighthowl's Bracers, and Nighthowl's Girdle.

Named cat. Casts Deadly Night Strike, a 31k targeted AE.
Drops Fur-Lined Cloak of the Wilder, Carved Bone Sabre, and Nightleaper's Cloak of Hidden Malice.

Named snake. Hits just shy of 19k and casts Rib Breaker, a 45k dd and 2 sec spinstun.
Drops Amice of Preservation, Sharpened Rib Fragment of the Fray, and Ribcrusher's Amice.

Named wyvern. Hits around 19k and casts Stunning Strike, a 38k dd and 2 second stun.
Drops Dark Wyvern Hide Mask, Shrieking Staff, and Slaughter's Mask.

Named treant. Hits around 19k and casts Deafening Wind, a 35k AE and spell interrupt.
Drops Braxi-Bone Charm of the Way, Stonebark Bow, and Stonebark's Protective Amulet.

Named snake. Hits for about 19k and casts Lifesap Poison, a 33kdd, 12 second 7k dot, and 2600 point endurance drain.
Drops Snakescale Ring, Stranglefang Hood, and Fang-Tipped Ring.

Named Braxi. Casts Laconic Amnesia, a 12 second spell and melee silence.
Drops Braxi Bone Trinket, Belt of the Forest Spirits, and Swiftwind Bone Trinket.

Named mound. Hits for about 19k and casts Poisonous Bloom, a viral 16k dd and 8k dot with 50 disease counters.
Drops Tangledeath's Core and Floral Belt of Tangles.

Named cat. Casts Savage Gore, a battle leap with 27.5k dd
Drops Ring of the Mane, Thundercut Bone Club, and Thundercut Bone Band.

Named ape. Supposedly casts Initimidating Chest Thump, a 45k AE dd with 4 sec stun.
Drops Golden Cartilage-Hoop, Thunderspike Maul, and Thunderous Hoop of the Spirits.

A Twisted Stangler
Named bush. Hits for about 19k and casts Vineweave, an AE root and 18k dot for 12 seconds.
Drops Waistcloth of Visions, Twisted Stranglebow, and Twisted Waistband of the Strangler

Named treant. Self buffs with Nature's Rage, a 20k per tick heal and 25% haste.
Drops Ensorcelled Treant Branch, Willowcrush Bark Boots, and Willowcrush's Branch.