Overview - Named - Tasks and Missions

City of Bronze - Named

Archon Kinafu
Named alaran. Casts Blade of the Archon, a single target 46k dd with 4 second stun.
Drops Bronze Earring of Strength, Clearstone of Justice, and Archon Insignia Hoop.

Archon Norandi
Named alaran. Pure melee with high AC and can flurry.
Drops Cold Band of Judgement, Archon War Satchel, and Erillian Ring of Order.

Blacksmith Julandi
Named alaran. Casts Hammer Bash, a single taget 60k dd with stun and small flux.
Drops Bronze Ringmail Spaulders, Swift Dagger of the Blacksmith, and Julandi's Finest Spaulders.

Named grendlaen. During the fight Bloodclaw will warp behind the tank as well as become untargetable for brief periods.
Drops Grendlaen Hide Spaulders, Bloodclaw Staff, and Bloodclaw Hide Spaulders.

Carnifex Korum
Named carnifex. Hits for 21.6k and casts Torture, a 40k PBAE with small flux.
Drops Necklace of Otherworldly Pain, Symbol of Pain, and Jagged Tooth Necklace.

Citizen Jlane
Named alaran. Spawns two guards at 50% hp.
Drops Plain Visage of the Citizen, Poleaxe of Order, and Jlane's Visage of Defense.

Citizen Julazir
Named alaran. Casts Righteous Slap, a single target 60k bitchslap with small flux.
Drops Bronze-Adorned Smallshield and Julazir's Brazel Gavel.

Citizen Silaindi
Named alaran. Casts Speech of Justice, a single target 6 sec mez.
Drops Golden Shield Earring, Mirror of Spiritual Reflection, and Silvern Aegis-Shaped Earring.

Cook Goranan
Named alaran. Casts Tomato Toss, a single target 40k dd with 2 sec spinstun (that is some toss)
Drops Candle of the Ceremony, Goranan's Choker of Bountiful Harvest, and Ancient Alaran Manuscript.

Named oashim. Casts Oashim Burrow, causing it to dig (and go DA), then pop up and hit harder than normal.
Drops Oashim Hide Gorget, Venomtooth, and Choker of Plague.

Fuandir the Master Potter
Named alaran. Casts Ceramic Shards, an AE 35k dd and 15k dot for 18 sec.
Drops Band of Hardened Earth, Envenomed Goral-Prod, and Hardened Band of Beaten Earth.

Guard Horlian
Named alaran. Self buffs with Superior Shield Defense, a 12 sec massive increase to block and spell reflect.
Drops Battlemaster's Drape, Glacial Stone of Fury, and Cloak of Soothing.

Guard Tuankod
Named guard. Hits nearly 22k and casts Shackles of Justice, a 41k dd with snare that lasts for a 24 seconds.
Drops Hoop of Learning, Edge of Punishment, and Tuankod's Earring of Hope.

Guard Tulzix
Named alaran. Casts Under Arrest, a single target 35k dot with pull for 18 seconds.
Drops Erillion Soldier Cloak, Erillion Soldier Bow, and Thrice Blessed Golden Cloak.

Named oashim. Pure melee with flurry and rampage.
Drops Drape of Diseased Remnants, Rod of the Scattered Elements, and Guggles' Mangy Hide.

A Rabid Selyrah
Named selyrah. Casts Selyrah Roar, a frontal AE that deals 46k and stuns. It turns to face a random person,
Drops Tattered Spike-Covered Cloak, Umbral Crest of Corruption, and Spike-Covered Cloak of Agility.

A Raging Braxi
Named braxi. Pure melee with high damage, rampage, and higher than normal hit points.
Drops Braxi-Skull Mask, Envenomed Geode, and Grim Mask of the Carnifex

The Record Master
Named alaran. Casts Searing Paper Cuts, a single target 40k dd with 20k dot for 18 seconds.
Drops Dull Grey Ring, Finalizer, the Record Master's Assistant, and Signet of the Record Master.