Overview - Named - Tasks and Missions

Argath, Mountain Fortress - Named

Armor of the Dead
Named dervish/whirlwind. Casts Whirling Shrapnel, a 40k PBAE.
Drops Grated Steel Faceguard, Plated Deathshroud, Faceplate of the Grim.

Bane of Argath
Named alaran. Heavy melee damage
Drops Braided Tentacle Belt, Claws of the Bane, and Boon of the Bane

Blademaster of the Order
Named alaran. Casts two directional AEs Fore Slice doing 45k to anybody in front and Aft Arc doing 45k to anybody behind. Watch emotes to know when to move, or just fight from the sides.
Drops Gripworn Steel Band, Boneshard of the Blademaster, and Spirit-Steel Band of the Blademaster

Blades of Forgotten Heroes
A named pair of living blades. Hits for about 13.5k and casts Thousand Cuts, a paltry 3400 hp dot.
Drops Dried Grave-Flower, Armband of the Forgotten, and Burial Mark

Breath of Ryken
A named dervish. Hits in the 14k range and casts Massive Inhalation, a gravity spell pulling everybody toward it and then Massive Exhalation, a 30k PBAE with knockback.
Drops Whisper-Steel Loop, Fragmented Echo, and Echoing Loop of Ryken.

Burnmaster of the Pillars
A named Erillion caster. It is permarooted and hits in the 14k range. Every 12 seconds or so it will emote "eyes YourName malevolently" which means she is about to hit your location with Falling Embers, a 12k per tick dd for 2 ticks.
Drops Scorched Leather Mask, Flanged Argathian Mace, and Facemask of the Burnmaster.

Core of the Mountain
Named molten steel. Casts Molten Shower, a 35k PBAE.
Drops Steelcore Shield, Steelcore Dagger.

Emissary Drucifel
Named Blade Regulant. Hits just under 14k, seems to be pure melee with powerful AE rampage.
Drops Drucifel's Ceremonial Pauldrons, Guard of the Emissary, Velvet Drape of the Emissary.

A named traitor. Ranger class mob, melee for about 14k and casts ranger as well as Arrow Barrage, a 16k targeted AE.
Drops Garland of Bones, Bone Hafted Maul, and Felsalath's Bone Chaplet.

Gravemaster of the Pillars
Named alaran necro. Gains power based on number of corpses nearby, so be sure to loot up. Can cast Throng of Corpses, a 25k PBAE.
Drops Ornamented Deathcloak, Spinestone of the Gravemaster, and Grim Cloak of the Gravemaster.

Husk of Starvation
A named undead thief. Every 15 seconds it emotes "grows angrier as it's consumed with hunger." which seems to buff its attack power causing it to hit higher more frequently unless the tank has food on his/her cursor. Max hit is about 25k.
Drops Steel-Plated Rib Bone, Husk Sharpened Axe, and Jagged Bone of the Husk.

Illdaeras Tear
A named metalic ooze. Hits for a jaw dropping 41k damage.
Drops Metallic Teardrop of War, Illdaera's Steel Drum, and Illdaera's Steel-Tear of Fate.

Interrogator Galectes
A named footsoldier. Hits for around 14k and casts Hostage, a 12 second root and 12k dot with 10 curse counters. If it is not cured it autocasts Severed Artery, a 15k dot for 6 ticks with 30 curse counters.
Drops Steel-Etdched Tooth, Backripper, and The Interrogator's Favorite 'Toy'.

Kaledor the Tide Turner
A named plated soldier. Hits for close to 15k and casts Rumble of Battle, a 30k PBAE with 4 sec stun.
Drops Earring of the Eavesdropper, Hood of Hidden Intentions, and Element of Surprise.

A named Kellion. Hits for close to 14k. Every 10 seconds it emotes "aims at player's head" and casts Siege Break, a 35k AE centered on that player. It seems to become rooted after first cast.
Drops Daggerspike Shoulderguard, Kalkek's Warhammer, and Kalkek's Cloak of the Obsolete.

Keramar the Naeya
A named dog. Hits for close to 14k and casts Death Shake, a 12k dd with 4 sec spinstun.
Drops Grendlaen hide Belt, Keremar's Wand, and Keramar's Crystal-Chain Belt.

Legendary Swords
Named animated swords. Gains power proportional to the tanks weapons.
Drops Quicksilver Drape, Rapier of Legends, and Eerie Guard of the Legendary Swords.

Reviler of Argath
Named defector with a strong rampage, so be careful with puller health.
Drops Steel-Woven Band, Reviler's Steelwall, and Seal of the Reviler

Seed of Battle
A named metalic ooze. Hits around 14k. Every 30 second it buffs itself with Magma Coating, a 40k rune and 500 ds.
Drops The Root of All Evil, Steel Seed Blade, and Stem of Destruction.

Shards of Battle
A named dervish/whirlwind. Pops out health based adds
Drops Ring of Broken Command, Hardened Battle Axe, and Jagged Ring of Altercation.

Shieldbearer of the Gods
A named plated soldier. Hits for around 14k and buffs itself every 30 seconds with Perfect Defense, a 2 million point rune that will need to be dispelled.
Drops Sliver of the Shieldbearer's Shield, Rod of the Shieldbearer, and Heraldry of the Gods.

Tactician Krucidon
A named plated soldier. Hits for up to 15k. Every 15 seconds it commands all nearby archer mobs to cast Total War, a 25k small area dd, at the same time. Due to this make sure you get Krucidon solo.
Drops Molten Steel Hoop, Krucidon's Inverted War Charm, and Krucidon's Copper Earplug.

The Collector
Named looter. If it takes damage too fast it casts Swiftness of the Pickpocket, a massive increase to its ability to dodge.
Drops A Dried, Shriveled Ear, Simple Alaran Sacrificial Dagger, and Trinket of the Collector.

Vigorous Turncoat
A named defector. Hits for about 14k and casts Hardening every 30 seconds, which increases his ability to riposte and parry.
Drops Woven Steel Fingerguard, Greatblade of the Turncoat, and Darksteel Band of the Turncoat.