Overview - Named - Tasks and Missions

Resplendent Temple - Named

Advisor Enaris
Named alaran. Self buffs with Resplendence, a 35k melee rune, and casts Strength in Numbers, a 45k dd. It will twincast the nuke if there aren't enough on agro.
Drops Dazzling Ruby Ring, Superb Katar of the Advisor, and Enaris' Flamboyant Signet Ring.

Afton the Cleanser
Named alaran. Casts Soul Cleanse, a PBAE that does 33k damage, 9500 mana, and 7500 endurance. When cast it either autocasts Residue, a spell and melee slow, or Tainted Soul, a 1 minute root.
Drops Resplendent Mask, Afton's August Amethyst, and Afton's Mask

Ambassador Khorin
Named alaran. Casts Deception, a single target 6 second mez which autocasts Mirror, which hastes Khorin and illusions it as the tank. Also casts Gale, a targeted 26k AE with spinstun.
Drops Silverleaf Earring, Silken Satchel of the Ambassador, and Bejeweled Loop of the Ambassador

An Animated Servant
Named zombie. Hits for about 14k. Casts Dead Weight, a 48k dd with melee silence, and Dance of the Dead, a 6 sec stun with 26k dot that triggers a mana and endurance drain at the end.
Drops Pearlescent Teardrop Earring, Temple Shield of the Servant, and Phantasmal Earring of the Servant

Arms Master Hegul
Named alaran. Self buffs with Shield of Light, a spell reflect and defensive stun proc. Also casts Raid of Blades, a 45k targeted AE.
Drops Embossed Plate Pauldrons, Gemstudded Chain Sleeves, and Hegul's Spendorous Shoulderguards

Chancellor Mardis
Named alaran. Casts Beacon, an 11k mana drain and silence, and Dance of Light, a 42k AE with short stun.
Drops Brilliant Ruby Band, Keystone Garnet, and Mardis' Opulent Crystal Band

Chief Recruiter Joceil
Named alaran. Casts Hack, a battle leap with 43k dd, and Slash, a 32k PBAE.
Drops Visor of Magnificent Dreams, Staff of the Recruiter, and Joceil's Exquisite Plate Mask.

Cijerst, Lord of Decay
Named swinetor. Casts Decaying Bones, a PBAE 24k dot, if a player with the dot gets low health it procs Walking Dead, a skeleton illusion with spell and melee slow.
Drops Cijerst's Decayed Targ Shield and Defiled Belt of the Temple

Named braxi. Casts Shriek, a PBAE 3 sec stun, as well as Swift Kick, a 39k PBAE with flux.
Drops Luxurious Moonstone Belt, Gisette's Needle-Pronged Spear, and Gloriied Girdle of the Leaper.

Named Zombie-Wabbit. Self buffs with Protection of the Grove, an undispellable 85k rune, and casts Grim Rot, a 16k dot that makes you look like a wabbit.
Drops Ring of the Parasitic Scavenger, Deteriorating Hammer of the Zombiefied, and Ring of the Parasitic Scavenger

Groundskeeper Areut
Named alaran. Casts Shoo, a 21k PBAE with a 6 sec push, and Casts Shovel Smash, 44k dd, spinstun, and summon.
Drops Simple Silver Earring, Dirk of the Groundskeeper, and Humble Earring of the Groundskeeper

High Guard Alsera
Named alaran. Hits about 14.6k and summons "an elite guard", a low hp spell immune add, every 45 sec while also buffing itself with Ward of Ladrys a 50k melee rune.
Drops Fancy Leather Pauldrons, Warmace of the High Guard, and Fur-likned Epaulets.

High Priest Nelori
Named alaran. Casts Oppression, a 47k dd and 6 second spell and melee silence, and heals itself with Splendorous Renewal, a 200k heal.
Drops Earring of Crushing Dreams, Guardvest of the High Priest, and Nelori's Earring of Ambition

Hiqork the Putrid
Named swinetor. Only hits about 14k and casts Wave of Filth, a 45k AE with flux, and Mosquito Bite a 38k dd with 21k dot, 70% slow and 80% snare.
Drops Crystallized Refuse, Scum-Covered Crystal, and Hiqork's Bone Effigy.

An Ivory Serpent
Named snake. Only hits about 15k. Spawns eggs that become "tiny serpent" adds that can not be mezzed. Casts Cloudy Venom a 19k dot for 3 ticks.
Drops Ornately Decorated Mask, Sacrosanct Waistband, and Luminous Monocle of the Scribe.

King Piqiorn
Named swinetor. Casts Curse of Clan Ulork, a viral debuff that snares, spell slows, and reduces resists, as well as Putrid Blast, a 49k dd with a 3 sec stun.
Drops Tri-Shield of the King and Rusty Ceremonial Axe.

King Zarq
Named swinetor. Casts Curse of Clan Piq`a, a viral debuff that snares, melee slows, and reduces resists, and Overwhelming Odor, a PBAE 31k dot.
Drops Royal Mudslinger, Zarq's Scrap-Iron Longsword, and A King's Ransom

Larsena the Lunatic
Named human. Buffs itself with Chant of the Devoted, a 60k rune. Casts Faithless, a 23k dot with melee and spell slow.
Drops Precious Ring of Dancing Flames, Lunatic's Blade, and Ringlet of the Outcast

Named small goral. Hits around 15k and casts Leashed, a 23k dot with gravity and Nervous bite, a short range 18k AE.
Drops Magnificant Velvet Cloak, Radiant Shortspear of the Goral, and Miggles' Braxi-Down Cloak

Pledgemaster Oeslik
Named alaran. Hits just under 15k and casts Test of Loyalty, which is a Str/Dex debuff, but also gives you a "Pledge to Ladrys". If you click the pledge, it dispels the Test. If you don't, you get a 4.8 million dd!
Drops Silvery, Winged Amulet, Finely Wrought Chainmail Gloves, and Oeslik's Magnificent Medallion.

A Prismatic Selyrah
A named Selyrah. Hits about 15k while casting Blinding Radiance, a 41k dd and 4.5k mana drain with 3s stun.
Drops Ornamental Chain Pauldrons, Iridescent Charm-Woven Belt, and Spiked Pauldrons of the Prismatic Selyrah

The Rat Queen
Named rat. Only hits about 15k but casts Infected Bite, viral 26k dot and self buffs with Rat Rage a 23k regen + 50% haste.
Drops Lapis Lazuli Ear Ornamentation, Scepter of the Rat Queen, and Putrefied Earring of the Rat Queen.

The Slothlord
Named cube. Casts Veil of Muck, a single target 6 second fear and blind as well as Ripple of Rot, an AE dd that hits harder the further you are away from the cube.
Drops Weathered Bone Hoop, Grimy Stone of the Slothlord, and Dingy Loop of the Slothlord.

Summoner Sirqo
Named swinetor. Hit just shy of 15k and casts Dead Weight, A 48k dd and amensia along with Lingering Death, a 45k dd and knocks you down.
Drops Heartwood Splinter and Sirqo's Girdle of the Infinite

Named goral. Buffs itself with Primal Strength, a 250 atk buff with 40% haste and also casts Primal Stomp, a 23k PBAE
Drops Princely Amethyst Ring, Refracted Steel Longbow, and Verdant Ring of Ungimar