Overview - Named - Tasks and Missions

Rubak Oseka - Named

Curate Zlinair
Named hadal priest. Buffs itself with Ocean's Hasting, which gives 160 attack, 35% haste, and a huge boost to dodge, lasts for 30 seconds unless dispelled.
Drops Silver Ophidian Pendant, Gravel of the Sacred Temple, and Pearl Rosary of the Curate.

Evangelizer Runarn
Named hadal. Casts Hymn of Oseka, single target 18 second mez that also removes 18k mana.
Drops Earhook of the Faithful, Aeyayen, the Deveiner, and Decorative Earhook of the Tides.

Holy Ophidian
Named snake. Casts Blinding Spit, a single target 24 sec debuff that does 8500 a tick and reduces your spell range by 80%.
Drops Eyepatch of the Sea-Rider, Hooked Sword of the Holy, and Seaweed Lined Mask of the Serpent.

Sacred Ophidian
Named snake. Casts Venomous Spit, a frontal AE that does 25k dd, 6k per tick for 12 seconds, and 4 sec stun.
Drops Shell-Shield of the Sacred and Belt of Braided Seaweed.

Slorn the Holy
Named hadal acolyte. Hits 19k, casts Tidal Spray, a 12 second mez and 12k total mana drain (average)
Drops Shell-Scaled Cloak, Globe of the Ocean, and Slorn's Ceremonial Drape.

Templar Razkin
Named hadal templar. Hits 19k, casts Blather, a 6 second spinstun and 30k dd that also has a 75% chance to block spells cast for 12 sec.
Drops Giant Clamshell Pauldrons, Ra`Argt, the Shell Crusher, and Tortoise-Plate Pauldrons.

Tiuanid the Faithful
Named alaran. Casts Anthem of the Faithful, a short range targeted AE 12 second me and 7500 mana dot.
Drops Pearl Ring of Oseka, Fishscale Breeches of the Hadal, and Aquamarine Ring of the Serpent.

Zealot of Oseka
Named alaran zealot. Hits 19k, casts Zealot Strike, a 3 second spinstun and 38k dd
Drops Anchor-Charm of the Tempest, Clamshell Linked Belt, and Sacred Shell of the Natilus.