Overview - Named - Tasks and Missions

Sarith City - Named

Assassin Thale
Named alaran. Buffs itself with Lethal Focus, an increase to dodge, accuracy, ac, haste, and attack, and casts Fatal Wound, a 22k dd.
Drops Sarith Waterknife, Deadly Lambis, and Thale's Trophy.

Battlemage Resk
Named alaran. Buffs itself with Battlemage Armor, a 650k hp buff, and casts Mage Grenade, a 21k targeted AE.
Drops Battlemage Insignia, Battlemage's Shield, and Resk's Focus Ring.

Bishop Kyzer
Named alaran. Buffs itself with The Orator's Protection, a 15k per tick heal and 150 AC, and casts The Orator's Word, a 18k dd and 5k manae/end drain.
Drops War Priest's Ring, Kyzer's Ritual Dagger, and Kyzer's Emblem.

Captain Dahlena
Named alaran. Summons soldiers to assist during the battle (time) along with casting Bronze Cross, a 26k dd with knockback, and Neck Jab, a 8k dot and silence for 12 seconds.
Drops Bronze Emblem, Dahlena's Pommel Gem, and Dahlena's Signet Ring.

Dark Mage Naxin
Named alaran. Buffs itself with Black Magic Shield, a 1k boost to magic resist and 135 ac, and casts Sphere of Darkness, a 23k targeted AE.
Drops Vile Totem, Reaver of the Deep, and Naxin's Spellbook.

Death Knight Sharris
Named alaran. Casts Death Bolt, 23k dd and 8k endurance drain.
Drops Death Knight's Sash, Rod of the Waves, and Sharis' Weapon Belt.

The Giant Crab
Named regrua. Casts Pincer Crush, a 18k dd with 3 sec stun, and Pincer Guard, a 12 sec Invulnerabity.
Drops Crab Shell Necklace, Spiral Spear, and Crab Pincer Necklace.

Named goral. Hits 14k, single rampage, casts War Beast Roar, a PBAE with small knockback, root, and slow, as well as War Beast Slash, a single target 16k dot and 2 sec stun.
Drops Warbeast Cape, Kaneida Hide Buckler, and Kaneida's Hide Cloak.

The Kraken
Named giant squid. Casts Kraken's Fury, a 20k PBAE, and Tentacle Constriction, a 20k dot with root.
Drops Kraken's Brain, Kraken Heart, and Kraken's Eye.

Lieutenant Vasko
Named alaran. Hits 14k and casts Waterblade, a 19k dot and 85% slow for 12 seconds.
Drops Traitor's Cloak, Sarith Scout Bow, and Vasko's Cloak.

Life Knight Jasyk
Named alaran. Casts Life's Embrace, a 100k heal to itself and ny adds in the area.
Drops Lifeguard Ward and Erillion Battle Gauntlets.

Master Trainer Ganelin
Named alaran. Summons warbeast adds during the fight and buffs himself and adds with War Beast Command, which raises atk, ac, and haste.
Drops Erillion Beast Trainer's Cloak, Erillion Beast Trainer's Armguard, and Ganelin's Hooded Cloak.

The Megaladon
Named Shark. Hits for 12.5k. Casts Mutilate, an 29k dd with 75% melee slow and 1000 pt debuff to Strength, Agility, Stamina, and Dexterity. Also casts Swallow, a 14k dot and short stun.
Drops Megaladon Bone Belt, Megaladon Tooth Fragment, and Megaladon Hide Sash.

Oseka's Chosen Ikallis
Named Hadal. Casts Forgotten Tides, a 20k targeted AE, and Tidal Pull, a 18 sec root with pull.
Drops Hadal Ocean Band, Hadal Blade of the Deep, and Ikallis' Shell Ring.

Ocean Mage Rettun
Named alaran. Summons crab adds during fight and casts Flood, a 20k targeted AE, and Ocean Summons, a 3k dot, flux, and drowning.
Drops Spellwater Ring, Rettun's Cudgel, and Ocean Mage Band.

Primal Mage Mollens
Named alaran. Casts Natural Energy, a 27k DD and Primal Fear, a 12 second fear.
Drops Goral Tooth Earring, Mollen's Divining Rod, and Earring of Primal Magic.

Sarith's Guardian
Named ooze. Hits for 15k and casts Ocean Current, a PBAE 21k dd and flux, as well as a few paladin stuns.
Drops Sea Elemental's Earring, Lost Halbard of Sarith's Guardian, and Guardian's Crystal Stud.

Sea Ranger Huren
Named alaran. Casts Sea Ranger's Strike, a 24k DD.
Drops Erillion Military Sarchel and Sea Ranger's Blade.

Tactician Perak
Named alaran. Hits for 15k, summons two soldiers (stunable, rootable, briefly mezzable) when agro'd, and buffs itself and its adds with Superior Tactics, a boost to AC, atk, dodge, haste, and accuracy.
Drops Erillion Winter Mantle, Perak's Charm, and Perak's Scarf.

Tidalmage Narens
Named alaran. Self buffs with Tidalguard, a boost to AC, cold, and magic resist as well as casts Flood, a 20k targeted AE
Drops Tidamage Earring, Tidalmage Greaves, and Narens' Tidal Focus.