Overview - Named - Tasks and Missions

Sepulcher - Named

Named alra ser alsa in Center. Hits 21.6k and alternates casting Glaciation of Alra, a cold base 40k dd and +50% fire focus, and Combustion of Alra, a fire based 50k dd and +50% cold focus, every 25 seconds. Each has 70 curse counters and hits all within 40 distance of the tank.
Drops Thick Leather Belt, Agralta's Cudgel of Merit, and Agralta's Belt of the Furious Savage.

Alsara the Ansel Ereth
Named ansel ereth in Center. Hits 21.6k and buffs itself Life Draw, a 100k per tick heal that also drasticly increases its ability to dodge. If not dispelled it AEs a 300% spell slow with 85 curse counters when it fades.
Drops Alsara's Diamond Choker.

Named skeleton in Center.
Drops Amber-Crystal Earring, Bonemeal's Shield-Bladed Katar, and Bonemeal's Pith.

Champion of the Triumvirate
Named weeping angel in Center.
Drops Silver Ensconced Turquoise-Stone Earring, Double Pronged Grendlaen Incisor, and Jade Earring of the Champion.

The Chosen
Named alaran in West. Hits 21.6k and casts Submission Hold, a 30 second debuff that makes the player take a 30k dd randomly when hit.
Drops Silver-Cloth Pauldrons, Shoulderguards of the Chosen.

Named Raptor in Center. Casts Face Munch, a 33k PBAE dot with pull that changes your screen tint. If not cured (20 poison counters), you take an extra 30k dd.
Drops Clampgrit's Pronged Spear.

The Cleaner
Named in West
Drops .

The Dark
Named shade in Center. Hits 21.6k and casts Eyes of Darkness, a 6 sec debuff that does nothing, but when it fades it procs a 40k dot, 6k manadrain, and binds sight on The Dark (changing your view)
Drops Fine Pearl Burial Ring, Silver Burial Necklace, and Moonstone Band of the Dark.

Named alaran in West.
Drops Orb of the Deep, Deepblade's Longshield, and Icon of the Deep.

The Digger
Named in West
Drops Deathmask of the Thelara, Blood-Spattered Stone of the Digger, and Bejeweled Mask of the Dagger.

Eldanum of the Ser Alsa
Named guard in Center. Hits 21.6k and buffs itself with Strength of the Ser Alsa, which increases its atk by 2k, its resists by 200, a 400 pt DS, and a 50% spell reflect while also casting Strike of the Ser Alsa on tank, a 40k poison dd with flux that also increases poison damage taken by 25% if not cured (80 poison counters).
Drops Pleated Leather Pauldron, Bastardsword of Horrifying Impurity, and Horrifying Shoulderguard of Eldanum.

The Exalted Ser Alsa Thel
Named telmira in Center
Drops Golden Ring of the Alsa Thelara, Axe of the Exalted, and Black Pearl Ring of the Exalted .

Named alaran in Center
Drops Finely Embossed Belt, Mace of Forgiveness, and Excrucidator's Black Silken Sash.

Gleaming Tricor
Named crystal in Center
Drops Construct's Loop of Life, Arched Blade of Gleaming Tricor, and Intricate Band of Petrified Wood.

Kelkos the Berserk
Named alaran in East
Drops Blessed Satin Sash, Spiked Guard, and Kelkos' Beaded Girdle.

Master Arcania
Named alaran in East
Drops Candle of the Ceremony, Graven Grave-Glaive, and Ancient Alaran Manuscript.

Master Illum
Named alaran in East, Magic wing. Casts Debilitating Light which is randomly either a 6k dot with pull or a 3k dot with push.
Drops Illum's Cross and Stunning Sapphire of the Sepulcher.

Named in West
Drops Mundane Crystal Ring, Mindlock's Ritual Staff, and Mindlock's Seal of Memories.

Named turtle in Center. Hits 21.6k and casts Tidal Wave, a 3k drain/tick to mana, 1k to endurance, up to 25k dd, and slow push away. It also triggers a self heal of 20k per tick and gains atk and haste.
Drops drop.

Primordial Steel
Named ooze in Center. Hits 21.6k and casts Vertex of Steel, a self buff with a 3k damage shield, a spell reflect, and a defensive proc of a 20k PBAE.
Drops Ashen Bone Hoop, Purified Blood Shard, and Primordial Steel Earring.

Ryken's Boast
Named elemental in East
Drops Frilled Mask of Many Splendors, Crystal-Bladed Sword, and Facade of Ryken.

Shadow of the Domain
Named alaran in East. Hits 21.6k and buffs itself with Shadow Confusion, a 100k 55% melee and spell absorber, illusions as tank, and grants a defensive proc of 34.5k dd with flux.
Drops Orb of the Sky, Holy Scepter of the Sky.

Named drake in Center. Hits 21.6k and casts Power of Wind, a huge flux and 10k dot, but fades when you turn attack on. If you don't, you get a 90k dd when it fades.
Drops Ghastly Orb, Spernal's Spiraled Scepter, and Spernal Fetish.

Named worker in Center. Hits 21.6k and casts Masterful Swordplay, a 45k dd PBAE with 1 sec spinstun.
Drops Engraved Pearl Earring, Talon Amulet, and Double Hoop of Tegleth.

Named bush in Center. Hits 21.6k and casts Mulch Haze, a single target 20k dot.
Drops Tendros' Healing-Stick.

The Vine Tender
Named alaran in East
Drops Band of Rotting Leaves, Amorphous Wand of the Vine Tender, and Shadowed Hoop of Decaying Leaves.

Named Hadal in West. Hits 21.6k and casts Wave Crash, a single target 35k dd, 15k dot, and 3k endurance drain. Also buffs itself with Wave Shield, which blocks fire spells from landing and makes 10% of its melee damage into a lifetap.
Drops Grey Grendlaen-Hide Belt, Wavecrasher's Conch-Mace, and Wavecrasher's Raw-Hide Belt.

Word Lord
Named alaran in East
Drops Pale-Grey Cloak of Eloquence, Coin of Weight Balancing, and Perorate Cloak of the Word Lord.