Overview - Named - Tasks and Missions

Valley of Lunanyn, North - Named

An angry mob leader
A group of angry farmer mobs
Drops Serpent-steel Torc, Stone of the Riotous, and Tarnished Torc of the Angered.

Archon Haerin
Named alarin
Drops Fire Embroidered Shoulder-Cloak, Greaves of the Archon, and Vestment of the Archon.

Enraged Fertility Spirit
Hits about 14k. At 50% it spawns 3 adds, unmezzable.
Drops Belt of Knotted Vines, Spiked Rage, and Belt of the Opalescent Seashells.

Hungry Spirit
Hits about 17k. Casts Life Feed, a 17k lifetap dot
Drops Ancient Alaran Shield and Hunger Tenderizer.

Lancer Archon Gaoril
Hits about 15k. Casts Horrifying Rage, A 18k PBAE with flux.
Drops Earring of the Dancing Shade, Archon's Short Lance, and Gaoril's Tentacle-Ring.

The Moonflower
Drops Carnivorous Ring, Sword of an Unknown Victim, and Silvery Band of the Moonflower.

Drops Silver Mesh Veil, Moonglow, and Veil of the Moon.

Nareneth, the Heart Tree
Named tree.
Drops Gilded Tree Ring, Heartwood Bow, and Heartwood Knothole.

Overgrown Dung Beetle
Drops Glossy Elytra Shoulderguards, Malodorous Boots of Wonder, and Guards of the Dung Gatherer.

Supply Archon Tergat
Spawns on south side, but is tier 1. Hits 15k and tosses Archon Grenade, a 40k targeted AE with a small flux.
Drops Tergat's Medallion of Service, Soldier's Weighted Staff, and Tergat's Fiery Pendant.

Valley of Lunanyn, South - Named

Aethra the Mad
Drops Twisted Steel Mask, Twisted Reed Flute, Maul of the Maddened, and Insanity Infused Mask.

Aggrieved Fertility Spirit
Named shambling mound. Hits 17k and casts Nature's Wrath, a 25k PBAE with 10k dot and 2k endurance drain.
Drops Animate Leaf Earring, Shield of Grievance, and Fertile Leaf Earring.

Arth, Village Guardian
Named alaran. Buffs itself with Blessing of the Guardian, a 10k per tick heal and 300 ac boost.
Drops Guardian's Segmented Mask, Village Leather Jerkin, and Guardian's Plated Mask.

Bloodborn Spirit
Named muddite.
Drops Spiritblood Shield and Blood Spirit Touched Dagger.

Blood-gorged Huntsman
A named spider. Hits for around 15 and casts Malady of the Huntsman, a 21k viral dot that casts Stifling Sickness, a silence, on anybody that casts a cure.
Drops Silkwoven Ring, Huntsman Halberd, and Dense Silkwoven Ring.

Named Grendlaen. Casts Tendon Maul, a 24k dd and 50% melee slow for 12 sec.
Drops Bloodstained Leather Visor, Bloodsteel Blade, and Ornate Bloodstained Leather Visor.

Elsha the Mournful
Named ghost. Mournful chill, hypothermia
Drops Tear-Stained Pauldron, Mourning Spikes, and Tear-Drenched Pauldron.

Ker Reega
A named mephit. Hits for around 15 and casts a fear
Drops Mephit Blood Drop Earring, Mephit Blood Stone, and Ker Reega Blood Drop Earring.

Kongar the Enrager
A named ogre. Self buffs with Uncontrolled Rage, granting 100% melee haste and 150 atk
Drops Supple Anger Enforced Drape, Enraged Hammer, and Enraged Silk Drape.

Lor Reega
A named mephit. Hits for around 15k and casts Reega Mayhem, an unresistable 27k dd, 6k mana drain, stun, and illusion.
Drops Mephit Stone Drop Earring, Perpetual Sharpening Stone, and Lor Reega Stone Drop Earring.

Oashim Progenitor
Named rat. Hits for about 14k and casts Curse of the Oashim, a viral 20k dot and snare, 25 curse counters to cure.
Drops Vermin Chewed Sash, Vermin Slicer, and Vermin Chewed Waistcloth.

Ranger Arcon Daetas
Named soldier. Hits for about 15k and casts Infectious Shot, a 22.6k AE dot.
Drops Ranging Charm, Archon's Battlestaff, and Archon's Charm.

Taer Reega
Named Reega. Casts Reega Charm, a 1 tick charm.
Drops Mephit Claw Pendant, Worn Petrified Mephit Bone Shard, and Taer Reega Claw Pendant.

The Battlesteel Dead
Named Red skeleton. Hits for 16k. Casts Battlesteel Bash, a 25k dd with small knockback and spinstun.
Drops Silver Amber Double Hoop Earring, Battlesteel Hammer, and Battlesteel Double Hoop Earring.

Trooper Archon Feht
Drops Trooper's Steel Gorget, Trooper's Gem Covered Cap, and Archon's Steel Gorget.

Urash, Specter of Death
Named ghost. Casts Ghostly Dread, a short duration fear that autocasts Casts Muted, a 12k dd and silence AE, on fade.
Drops Essence of a Specter, Ice Encrusted Leather Boots, and Sickle of Urash.