Overview - Named - Tasks and Missions

Windsong - Named

Named Kangon. Hits for 21.6k and casts Kangon Kick, a 46k PBAE with small flux.
Drops Drape of Light Gusts, Weight of the Wind's Purity, and Airy Drape of the Wind.

The Conductor
Named instrument. Hits 21.6k and casts Conductor's Will, a short duration charm.
Drops Earring of Faint Echoes, Barrier of Coalesced Clouds, and Earring of Soothing Melodies.

A Fleetfooted Braxi
Named braxi. Hits for 21.6k and casts Swift Strike, a 30k PBAE.
Drops Broken Braxxi Fingers, Braxi-Bone Backbreaker, and Mysteriously Airy Braxi Claw.

The Forlorn Drummer
Named alaran. Hits 21.6k and self buffs with Drumbeat of Inspiration, an increase to accuracy, haste, double attack, and min damage.
Drops Ring of Hopeless Rage, Toneless-Hollowed Drum, Irebound Band.

The Hornmaster
Named alaran. Hits 21.6k and casts Rikolla, a 55k AE with stun centered on target.
Drops Pendant of Iritating Melodies, Cacophonic Shard, and Pendant of Compelling Song.

Riffmaz the Flute Master
Named alaran. Hits 21.6k and casts Entrancing Tune, spell slow, melee slow, and 32k dd.
Drops Bauble of the Breeze, Riffmaz's Urn-Shield, Azure Stud of the Breeze.

Saduulj Tsepir
Named alaran. Hits 21.6k and casts Discordant Riff, a 45k dd and 14k dot.
Drops Golden Shield Earring, Bassy Mandola of Tsepir, and Silvern Aegis-Shaped Earring.

Named dervish. Hits 21.6k with AE rampage and casts Storm Front, a 40k targeted AE with spinstun and flux.
Drops Orb of the Sky, Electrified Axe of Whipping Wind, and Holy Scepter of the Sky.

Unvoiced Brute
Named golem. Hits for about 22k, casts Awesome Presence, a single target 47k dd, 7k mana drain, and 2.5 second stun.
Drops Drape of the Unvoiced, Cracked Shard of the Brute, and Featherweight Drape of Harmony.

The Windrunner
Named kangon. Hits for about 22k, casts casts Peck, a short range 45k PBAE.
Drops Visage of the Windrunner, Brilliant Sword of Songs, and Glowing Eyes of the Wind.