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So, you've killed mobs and leveled up and you think you are pretty good? You are, but there might be a few more things you can do to make your character even stronger.

Here are some tips to "pump you up!"

You might think old content doesn't have much use these days. But even if older zones have crappy loot and no xp, there are still some things that you can only get in the older zones.

Muramite Proving Grounds group trials[edit]

At level 100, after spending all the AAs, you might think the highest you can get your resists is 775. But that is wrong, you can get them up to 825.

There are six MPG group trials that can be done in any order. Each trial completed raises your resist cap. Completion of all trials results in a total of 50 to resist cap. It's +8 resist cap for the first five trials, and the last one you do gives +10 resist.

As of Aug 21, 2013, there is no longer a lockout timer on the MPG trials. [1]

Given levels currently, it's trivial to molo/solo these, however I'd recommend hooking up with others to help out. As with any group mission, there's a minimum requirement to request the instance (2 or 3 players in this case).

Completing any of these will grant you a level in the Special AA "Trials of Mata Muram", granting resistance bonuses. Entering Muramite Proving Grounds or the Plane of Knowledge will synch up your Trials of Mata Muram resist bonus AAs and grant any you may be eligible for.

Dragons of Norrath progression[edit]

Main article: Dragons of Norrath progression

Dragons of Norrath progression will get you:

  • Level one: 2 AA points, +10 to all stats and +10 to all stat caps.
  • Level two: 2 AA points, a 3% increase to HP, a 200 increase to Mana, and an unknown increase to Endurance, and a level 69 spell for your class.
  • Level three: 2 AA points, and an extra buff slot.
  • Level four: 2 AA points, and a 3% increased chance to critical heal, critical hit and critical DD / DoT.
  • Level five: Increased chance to resist detrimental spells.

Gyrospire Relocation Device[edit]

The Gyrospire Relocation Device will get you out of trouble, instantly.

You obtain it by doing the Gyrospire Relocation Research quest.

Chalandria's Fang[edit]

Chalandria's Fang is an item that will summon poison once every 20 hours. The poison for all level 100 classes except rogues is Chalandria's Bite XVIII. Rogues may get a different (better) poison, however this needs to be confirmed. Lower level toons (exact level / reward is to be discovered) get a lesser poison.

It is a Legends of Norrath Spider Queen scenario loot item. Every year the Spider Queen scenario is supposed to returns. Originally, it was during the Living Legacy event. However, it returned in May 2016. See Legends of Norrath > Monthly scenario rewards for more information on when it is believed to be scheduled for returning, as well as other scenarios.

If you win the scenario, you get Chalandria's Fang as the EQ loot item. Chalandria's Fang and the poison can not be traded.

With the end of Legends of Norrath, the only way to obtain this item now is to hope it appears in the Marketplace at times. It is part of the Legends of Norrath: Storm Break collection, so there may be a chance to obtain it by purchasing prize cards for that collection.

Type 3 augmentations[edit]

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Mobs that mez you[edit]

If you are having trouble fighting mobs that mezmerize you, try using a Crimson Potion. They are sold by Mirao Frostpouch (Poison Supplies) in the Plane of Knowledge. After you use one, you should be automatically breaking any mez on you for three minutes. Some have reported that, if you have a buff on you that regenerates health, you need to remove that buff in order for it to break mez.

Hero's Special AAs[edit]

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This information was gathered from several sources. Some of the best ones listed below.