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Use this button to donate to the wiki using PayPal.  You do not need a PayPal account, they also accept credit cards.

Once you press the Donate button below, you will go to to complete the transaction.  The email address you are paying to is [email protected]  The Purpose listed is Fanra's EverQuest Wiki.  The same button may also be used to donate to EverQuest Inventory Report and EQ Clerics (donating to any of them is the same, as Fanra hosts all three).

Your donations will be used to pay for the URL ( and the hosting costs of the wiki.  Any additional money (ha!) will be used for buying me a beer (or equivalent).

Note: Legally and ethically your donation is a Gift.  You will receive nothing in return except for knowing that you are helping fund the wiki as well as work on EverQuest Inventory Report.

Advertising (not currently active)

Due to increased hosting costs, I tried advertising.  The amount earned was pennies.  I've removed it at this time since there was no point in making people see ads if it was not making any money.

If you create an account here, for a donation of at least $10 per year, you can view the wiki without ads while you are logged in.   If enough donations are received, or enough advertising income is earned, the wiki will be ad free everyone.

  Contact Fanra for more information.

Thank you for your support.

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