Trophy Overview

A new thing added with House of Thule is the ability to unlock trophies by doing certain tasks. The trophies are placeable objects that, when set on your lawn or house, give you an additional tribute option. Each trophy is associated with a specific "Savior of the XYZ" achievemnt which corresponds to completing all tasks and missions for a specific zone. Here is a list of all 12 trophies you can obtain:

The Feerrot - Trophy of the Fearful Forest

House of Thule (lower) - Trophy of the House

The Grounds - Trophy of the Garden Path
*Note: Does NOT stack with run speed AA
The Library - Trophy of the Bookkeeper

Erudin Burning - Trophy of Burning Towers

The Well - Trophy of Dank Waters

House of Thule (upper) - Trophy of the Rooms

Al'Kabor's Nightmare - Trophy of the Ice Spiral

Miragul's Nightmare - Trophy of Phylacteries

Fear Itself - Trophy of Fearful Dreams

Morell's Castle - Trophy of Dreams

Sanctum Somnium - Trophy of Sleep