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Pillars of Alra - Named

Cysivir the Constructor
Named alaran in Light.
Drops Visor of the Constructor, Radiant Visor of Construction.

Il'Valrikar the Purifier
Named alaran in Nature. Supposedly casts Natural Selection, a hate based AE that seems to reduce healing you receive.
Drops Verdant Sphere of Suppression, Il'Valrikar's Verdant Orb of Life.

Ivrikdal the Infuser
Named alaran in Black.
Drops Darkened Essence of Corruption, Shaded Orb of Infusion, and Ivrikdal's Aura of Corruption.

Korellister the Stoic
Named alaran in Light.
Drops Unlucky Hopper Signet, Signet of the Silent Hopper.

Opholonas the Harvester
Named alaran.
Drops Neckguard of the Harvester, Purified Collar of the Harvester.

Peacekeeper of Anriella
Named alaran in Nature. Can spawn after killing any mob in Nature Pillar.
Drops drop.

Peacekeeper of Erion
Named alaran in Light. Can spawn after killing any mob in Light Pillar.
Drops drop.

Peacekeeper of Fal`Kaa
Named alaran in Black. Can spawn after killing any mob in Black Pillar.
Drops drop.

Peacekeeper of Melretia
Named alaran in Arcane. Can spawn after killing any mob in Arcane Pillar. Hits 17kish and casts Melretia's Spark, a 46k dd with small flux, on all on hatelist every 10, 20, or 30 seconds (random).
Drops drop.

Soliadal the Timid
Named alaran in Arcane
Drops .

The Ut`len Depthkeeper
Named giant squid. Hits for 25k, has AE ramp, and casts Ut`len's Grasp, a gravity spell as well as various enchanter spells.
Drops Glaring Eye of the Ut'len, Shorn Ut'len Tentacle, and The Depthkeeper's Ever-Glaring Eye.

Tonmek the Mind-Drainer
Named alaran in Arcane. Hits for nearly 19k and casts Arcane Extraction, a 3500 mana/end per tick drain, but sitting will make it fade.
Drops Spaulders of the Torturer, Neckguard of the Spiritstalker, and Glowing Spaulders of Torture.

Tsianvar the Studious
Named alaran in Nature.
Drops Stiletto of the Studious

an unusual creature
Named 'animal'. It can spawn in multiple forms, each with its own set of abilities.
Drops Band of Hardened Earth, Fragment of Foul Earth, and Hardened Band of Beaten Earth.

V`Dralk the Construct of Shade
Named creature in Black.
Drops Sash of Shaded Flame, Burning Belt of Endless Shadow.

Vak`Ridel the Shadowcaller
Named alaran in Black
Drops .

Varinyr the Construct of Life
Named creature in Nature
Drops Construct's Loop of Life, Leeching Claws of Varinyr, and Radiating Loop of Regeneration.

Wreliard the Arctender
Named alaran in Arcane
Drops Arctender's Glowing Hoop, Arctender's Signet of Station.