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An Agent of Change (AoC) is an NPC that offers you a raid instance for raid mobs created before raid instancing was added to the game. Originally only on Progression servers, the September 15, 2021 game update added them for players with an active membership on all servers.

To access the instanced raid, you need speak to an Agent of Change outside the zone.


  • Regular named can and will spawn in the instance.
  • The instance zone-in location can vary.
  • In some cases the instance zone out is weird.
  • Trash mobs generally don't respawn in Agent of Change instanced zones or they may have limited trash pop to start with.
  • You need six players to start an AoC instance. One online and the other five can be offline. Mercenaries can count.
  • Once started, there is no need for others to zone into the instance.
  • Most trash mobs do not respawn, there are exceptions.
  • Raid mobs will spawn when the instance is created.
  • Quest mobs have a chance to spawn but this is not automatic.
  • Experience may be reduced since the purpose of the AoC instance is to make raid mobs available, not for experience.
  • Named mobs may appear.
  • You will gain 6 day 12 hour lockouts. One is a Loot Lockout, upon any kill for loot. The others are for each boss mob killed.
  • You also will get a Replay Timer.
  • The lockout timers will apply to all your characters on the server, not just the ones doing the raid.
  • You gain three timers, Replay, Loot Lockout, and the Named lockout; even if you drop the expedition as soon as you get it if others complete it.