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Aggro (short for Aggravation) or Hate, is a slang term for attention given by a hostile mob (monster). If near a number of players who it would normally attack, a mob will attack the one highest on its "hate" list.

The distance between a mob and a player in which the mob will aggro on the player varies with the different mob types.

Depending upon the con of mobs, those who are "ready to attack" and "threateningly" will normally attack on sight.

Aggro Meter[edit | edit source]

With the launch of the Rain of Fear expansion on November 28, 2012, the game introduced an "Aggro Meter".

- The new Aggro Meter displays your current percentage of hate compared to the entity that is most hated by the NPC that is the focus of the meter. By default, this shows your current target, but the current aggro target can also be locked so that it won't change when you change your current target.
- The meter can be toggled open and closed using the EQ button, /aggrometer, or by assigning a key binding to it.
- Aggro meter displays can be toggled in the Player, Group, Target, and Extended Target Window using the right click menu for each window.
- Added the ability to set the low, warning, and most hated colors for the aggro ratings. By default they are green, yellow, and red for low, warning, and most hated.
- Added the slash command /aggrolock that functions just like "Set Aggro Target" on the Aggro Meter.

Game Update Notes: Rain of Fear

How it works[edit | edit source]

From this post on the Daybreak forum by niente, EQ Developer, December 21, 2022:

For initial aggro on an NPC:

- If the initial hit is not a spell, the NPC is an animal, or the NPC has less than 41 intelligence, hate is capped at 120

- Otherwise, calculate hate of the spell:

1. Beneficial spells generate 0 hate

2. Spells with a hate override use their override multiplied by SPA 130 (Increase/Decrease Spell and Bash Hate by %), then by SPA 114 (Increase/Decrease Hate by %). At this point, hate is applied (no other calculations are included in spells with a hate override)

3. Get SPA 92 of the spell (Increase Hate by #)

4. If the NPC is a belly caster and the PC is out of melee range, generate 1 hate

5. Get the NPC's max HP divided by 15, or 25, whichever is higher. Cap at 400

6. Otherwise, if the spell generating hate is higher level than me (i.e. 255 for procs), cap hate at 1200

7. Loop through all spell effects on the spell:

--- If SPA 41 (banish) and the NPC is level 51 or lower, add 500 hate
--- If the spell is an AC, movement, haste, blind, stun, fear, fearstun, charm, or mez, add the hate calculated in steps 5 and 6
--- If SPA 79 or 84 (NPC HP) add 1 hate per base dmg
--- If SPA 0 (HP), instant duration, and the caster meets the requirements of the spell, add 1 hate per base dmg
--- If SPA 147 (% HP), add 1 hate per dmg (calculated as % of the NPCs HP)
--- If SPA 350 (Mana Burn), add (min(Base1, Mana) * Base2)/10 hate
--- If SPA 10, 35, or 254 add 0 hate
--- All other SPAs add 10 hate

8. Add the base hate value of the spell

9. If the caster is a bard and the NPC is over level 19, cap hate at 140

10. Reduce hate by the NPCs resistance of this spell (over 500 resist = 75% hate applied, over 300 = 85% hate, over 100 = 95% hate, 100 or less = 100% hate)

11. Multiply by the casters SPA 130 (Increase/Decrease Spell and Bash Hate by %)

12. If hate generated by the spell is less than 50, set it to 50

13. Multiply hate by SPA 455

Items[edit | edit source]

A number of items can increase or decrease the hate of mobs towards the owner. Some work by changing your faction toward the mob. Faction will not matter once combat begins.

Items with procs can create hate directly (Anger), or through stuns or runes.

Augs[edit | edit source]

There are some augmentations that increase hatred when placed in weapons. Most of them are for crafted armor. Here are some of the best augs:

Face[edit | edit source]

A large number of face items for Paladins, Shadowknights, and Warriors include an Anger proc. These have a chance to increase hatred toward the wearer.