Ambleshift's Automated Archaeological Antiquity Analyzer

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Item Lore tab instructions

Ambleshift's Automated Archaeological Antiquity Analyzer, also known as A5, is a device which is received by giving one of 24 collection items to Archivist Dominic Moore (Historian) in The Dead Hills. This item was introduced with the Call of the Forsaken expansion.

The item is labeled in-game as Archaeologist's Automated Antiquity Analyzer and may also be referred to under that name. The reason why the item is labeled differently than the full name is due to limitations in the EQ game software, the full name is too long.

Achievement[edit | edit source]

The A5 is part of a Call of the Forsaken Conquest achievement, "Piecing Together History".

Purpose[edit | edit source]

The A5 may be used to sense and disarm object traps. It may also be used to pick object locks. It is helpful for opening certain Heroic Adventures objects. More information is need on whether it can be used for other purposes besides Heroic Adventures.

Improving[edit | edit source]

Handing in any one of the 24 collection times grants you the A5. Handing in additional items improves the power of the device.

Reagents needed[edit | edit source]

In order to disarm traps and open locks, you need either a Lesser Scrying Stone, Scrying Stone or Greater Scrying Stone for each attempt. Which is needed depends upon the type/level of the object. These stones can be purchased from several NPCs, including Magus Alaria (Magus) in the Guild Lobby.

The scrying stone is used up upon casting.

Note that nowhere in the description does it mention this.

Using[edit | edit source]

As per the instructions in the A5 Lore tab (see image to the right), you place the A5 in the correct slot, target an object, and right click the A5. It may take multiple attempts to succeed. The more items handed in to Archivist Dominic Moore (improvement to the achievement, "Piecing Together History"), the more objects it should work on, including those from many expansions. You can only use it on objects that can be targeted.

Spell alternative[edit | edit source]

Caster and priest classes get spells which can disarm the same traps as the A5. They use the same scrying stones. Click on the links for the scrying stones above and look under Reagent for Spells: to see the list of spells.