Ankexfen Keep

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Ankexfen Keep is a zone in the Laurion's Song expansion.

Expansion Laurion's Song
Type Outdoor
Instanced No
Keyed unknown
Level Range 125
Levitation Yes
Banner/Campfire unknown
Can Bind unknown
Call of the Hero unknown
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Lore[edit | edit source]

They are the remnants of a previous race called Ankexfen who followed Rallos Zek. They warred alongside the ogres and giants against the Council of Rathe in Plane of Earth but lost that war, and were slain and revitalized as goblins before being adapted to and settled in four environments: ice, fire, water, and slime.[1]

The entire race was exterminated, but from the ashes were born the four goblin races. What is known is that each goblin clan was stripped of any knowledge and was neither informed of the other clans nor of their own origins. Each clan was then transported to a separate environment to help preserve the gods' will.[2]

Ankexfen Keep

A formidable goblin stronghold hidden in the icy north of Norrath, near what will become Halas. These goblins, intelligent and ruthless, serve the god of war, Rallos Zek. Unlike modern goblin abodes, this fortress is a striking stone structure adorned with orange and gold and housing a massive statue of Rallos Zek. The cold, snowy landscape contrasts with the fort's imposing presence. Captured enemies of the Rallosian Empire are held in the basement prison. The entire structure and those that inhabit it exude intimidation and a dark sense of vitality.

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