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Auras are effects that provide either a benefit or a disadvantage to those that are close enough to receive it. There are two main types of auras, those that affect your group (including you), and those that affect all those within its range. There are also several specialized auras that can affect others with different effects.

Note that in this case we are referring to player auras. Some NPCs and areas may have auras as well.

Auras generally show up in your Short Duration Buff Windows (song window). There is also a window that shows only the current auras you have running and allow you to stop them.


Class auras are obtained and used in a way similar to spells and disciplines. Most classes can only have one class aura running at a time. Most class auras only affect the caster and their group. Beastlords, Rangers, and Shadowknight do not get class auras.


Bards may only have one class aura active at a time

  • Aura of Insight
  • Aura of the Muse
  • Aura of the Artist
  • Aura of Rodcet
  • Aura of the Poet
  • Aura of Renewal
  • Aura of the Composer
  • Aura of Lunanyn
  • Aura of the Orator
  • Aura of Salarra
  • Aura of Va'Ker
  • Aura of Sionachie
  • Aura of Maetanrus


Berserkers may only have one class aura active at a time

  • Aura of Rage
  • Bloodlust Aura


Clerics may have two class auras active at a time

  • Aura of the Zealot
  • Aura of the Pious
  • Circle of Divinity
  • Aura of the Reverent (Bug with Rk. II and Rk. III)
  • Aura of Divinity

Some people have reported, and I experienced this. Scribe Rk. II of Aura of the Reverent. It casts Rk.II but the Aura and Effect that show up are Rank 1.


Druids may only have one class aura active at a time.

  • Aura of the Grove
  • Aura of Life
  • Wildfire Aura
  • Frostfell Aura
  • Wildblaze Aura
  • Frostcloak Aura
  • Wildspark Aura
  • Frostone Aura
  • Frostweave Aura


Enchanters may have two auras active at a time

  • Beguiler's Aura - Level 55
  • Illusionist's Aura - Level 70
  • Entrancer's Aura - Level 72
  • Learner's Aura - Level 76
  • Mystifier's Aura - Level 77
  • Runic Swirl Aura
  • Wake of Atrophy Aura
  • Aura of Endless Glamour
  • Aura of Horror
  • Mana Resurgence Aura
  • Befuddler's Aura
  • Runic Shimmer Aura
  • Dominating Aura
  • Aura of Abstract Acumen
  • Twincast Aura
  • Arcane Disjunction Aura
  • Mana Reiterate Aura
  • Baffler's Aura
  • Subjugating Aura
  • Runic Gleam Aura
  • Bucolic Aura
  • Echo of Subjugation
  • Mana Reiteration Aura
  • Arctender's Aura
  • Arctender's Echo
  • Governing Aura
  • Runic Glow Aura
  • Placid Issuance

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Magician auras only affect player pets within the aura, however it works on all player pets, not just those in your group.

  • Earthen Strength
  • Rathe's Strength
  • Arcane Distillect


Monks may only have one class aura active at a time.

  • Disciple's Aura
  • Master's Aura


  • Dark Rune
  • Death Rune

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  • Holy Aura
  • Blessed Aura


  • Poison Spurs Trap
  • Poison Spikes Trap

--- More ---


  • Idol of Malo
  • Idol of Malos


Warriors may only have one class aura active at a time

  • Myrmidon's Aura - Level 56
  • Champion's Aura


  • Fire Mark
  • Fire Rune


Some items have clicky auras, the will affect everyone in range. These are known as "Circle" auras, as they have names such as "Circle of Power". These auras may be used at the same time as class auras. The circle auras share the same cast timer.