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Beastlords are the masters of the raw energies of nature. They can focus these energies into themselves and their warder pets. Beastlords are primarily a melee class, with the ability to wear leather armor and wield blunt weapons, or use their bare hands to attack.

Beastlords prepare for battle by calling on their animal warder and increasing the creature's natural abilities with spells. They share every combat with their warders, fighting beside these fierce companions or falling back to heal and aid them when needed. Beastlords learn spells to slow or damage their opponents, can heal their friends, and improve their ally's health and mana regeneration. This makes the beastlord a well-rounded ally in any group. - Classes

Beastlords can adventure solo well in many places. They depend upon coordination with their warders and well planned spells to finish every fight, but they can also aid a group through their spells and melee abilities. The beastlord is a great class for players who like the option of solo melee fights, but want to be able to help in a group.[1]

Pets (Warders)[edit | edit source]

Beastlords are a major pet class. Although beastlords have very good melee abilities, their pets (warders) are of great importance.

Here is a description of the warders:[2]

  • Warders
AC is between magicians' air and earth pets.
Active defenses are also between magician air and earth pets.

Species and Name[3][edit | edit source]

The species of warder summoned by a beastlord corresponds to that beastlord's chosen race:

  • Barbarian beastlords summon a white wolf
  • Iksar beastlords summon a green chokidai (scaled wolf)
  • Ogre beastlords summon a bear (low-poly, older model)
  • Troll beastlords summon a basilisk (formerly an alligator, but this was changed many years ago)
  • Vah Shir beastlords summon a tiger
  • Wood Elf beastlords summon a treant (tree)

Species differences between the warders are purely cosmetic, but they add some racial roleplaying flavor to the class.

Unless it has been renamed using a Potion of Companion's Amnesia, a beastlord's warder will always be named "Soandso's warder," where "Soandso" is the name of the beastlord.

Shrinking warder[edit | edit source]

If your Warder keeps growing when the group is shrunk, try typing in the following:

  • /blockspell add pet 3393
  • /blockspell add pet 2203

This will block the Shaman Tiny Terror & Donal's Dementia spells from landing and growing the pet.

Size[edit | edit source]

Change logs show that the heights on some or all of ogre beastlord's warders were changed in 2014. The lowest level pet is height 1.3 and it scales up with better focuses and higher levels to 4.92 at the top end. The smallest ones are pretty tiny and I can see how this would look odd/wrong, but this doesn't appear to be new.

Prathun, EQ Developer, March 14, 2019

References[edit | edit source]