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This is a guide for players interested in trying EverQuest and those just beginning. If you are new to the game, this is where to start.


To install EverQuest, click on this link to download the EQ setup file.

You can just run that file, or save the file (EQ_setup.exe] to your computer and then run the file.

You can simply follow the regular install path through the installer which will be the most easy way to get EverQuest installed on your machine.


After Installing the default game it will automatically update the files needed. Since EverQuest is an online game, game developers constantly improve and update the content to fix bugs and add content.

Patches generally happen once a month and normally are done in the very early morning hours on a Wednesday. Patches normally take about 6-8 hours.

Emergency or unscheduled patches occasionally occur.

Free To Play[edit]

Main article: Free to Play. Your Way.™

Originally, EverQuest was game that required monthly payments. Now, you can play in a very limited way for free. It is good for trying out the game to see if you like it, but serious players need to "go Gold" to experience the full game.

Starting out (video tutorials)[edit]

EverQuest Tutorial #1 - Welcome to EverQuest[edit]

EverQuest Tutorial #2 - Who Am I?[edit]

EverQuest Tutorial #3 - Where Am I?[edit]

EverQuest Tutorial #4 - Why do I keep getting killed??!![edit]

EverQuest Tutorial #5 - Kicking Buttocks[edit]

EverQuest Tutorial #6 - Who are THEY?[edit]