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Binding is where you set various locations for your character. For most characters, the only one that matters is the first location, which is the place you respawn when you die. Druids and Wizards can set other points for teleporting purposes.


For binding, there's 3 categories. No-bind, self-bind, and other-bind. If a character can cast Bind Affinity on themselves, they can bind almost anywhere. If a character is getting Bind Affinity cast on them from an outside source, that is restricted to "city" zones and places like LDoN camps.

Non-casters can't cast Bind Affinity, so they're normally restricted to the other-bind zones. But if they have an item like Locket of Escape or the LoN Bind potions, then they can Bind themselves anywhere a caster could.

Iila, EQ forum

Bind points[edit]

Today's entirely unimportant 'did you know' about EverQuest covers: Bind Points.

An EverQuest player character has up to 5 bind locations, but only two of these really matter.

The first index bind location is the place you respawn when you die. This is the location set by the bind affinity spell. You'll notice in the spell data for bind affinity that the base effect value is 1, this means it is changing bind-location index 1.

The second bind location index is relevant for wizards and druids who use mark of travel. You'll notice the spell data for Mark of Travel is nearly identical to bind affinity except that its base effect value is 2, meaning it changes bind-location index 2.

Some of the confusion regarding these locations comes into play with the way that /charinfo works. The slash command /charinfo lists all of your bind locations with the caveat that it will not list the zone name of a bind point index if that zone name matches the previous index's zone name.

This becomes confusing because a newly created character will have all 5 bind locations set to their default starting location (so that there are no null-data errors.)

Some examples to clarify this behavior: 1. I am a newly created Dark Elf Wizard that has never been bound anywhere. All five of my bind locations are my newbie starting yard of Nektulos Forest. When I use /charinfo, I see only the first index because all other 4 indexes match this.

2. I've been bound in a new zone for the very first time. My first bind location is now Freeport, but my other 4 locations are all Nektulos forest. So /charinfo is telling me, "Freeport", "Nektulos Forest".

3. I've leveled up and obtained a Mark of Travel which I'm going to use in Felwithe for some reason. My /charinfo is now telling me, "Freeport", "Felwithe", "Nektulos Forest".

4. I've gone mad with wizardly power and decided that I want my secondary bind location using the Mark of Travel to also be Freeport. /charinfo now tells me that my bind locations are "Freeport", "Nektulos Forest", listing Freeport only once even though index 1 and 2 are Freeport and 3, 4, and 5 are Nektulos.

It's a little confusing, like most of EverQuest... :)

Dzarn, EQ Developer, June 10, 2013