Bug tracker/Archive 1

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  • The druid AA to reduce the recast time on Survival of the Fittest does not work.
    • This was reportedly fixed.


  • Auras of the same class cancel each other out on the buff window. The aura appears active in the aura window, but the short duration buff window displays no aura effect
    • This appears to have been fixed.


  • If you port into Arcstone and have some form of levitation on you, you often arrive under the zone.
    • This was allegedly fixed.
  • The guild banner appears to get pulled up, even when members of the guild remain in the zone.
    • This was allegedly fixed.
  • Rogues should have the run speed penalty for sneaking gone by level 60, however it appears that some rogues still have one.
    • This was allegedly fixed.
  • Please fix stat food so that the AC works. Right now, some stat food has an AC bonus that does not work. Or at least remove the text claiming the food has such a bonus, since it doesn't work.
    • This was allegedly fixed.