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Chat channels are separate areas where you can chat. The default modes are: Say, Tell, Shout, Out of Character, Auction, Group, Guild, Raid, and Fellowship.

In addition, the server creates several other channels. Characters level 20 and under auto join the "NewPlayers" channel. Characters level over level 20 auto join "General", and a class specific channel, and there are Norrath continent based channels as well. Auto joining channels can be disabled under the options window.

Players can also create their own channels, with and without passwords.

Cross server and cross game chat[edit | edit source]

Players of EverQuest, EverQuest II, Planetside, and Vanguard can chat with one another by using specific chat syntax. You can also send mail to fellow players in any SOE game. Listed below are instructions.

(Note: you may use either the semi-colon ( or the left bracket ([) symbol as both work interchangeably, it's just up to your personal preference. However the slash (/) symbol will only work in EQ on the same server for tells or joining channels.)

These instructions are for players in EverQuest only, please see instructions for other game titles as they will vary slightly.

Sending Tells: (you may use [tell, ;tell, [t, or ;t)

  • To send a tell to a friend on another EQ server, type: [t servername.charname
  • To send a tell to a friend playing EQII, type: [t eq2.servername.charname
  • To send a tell to a friend playing Planetside, type: [t ps.servername.charname
  • To send a tell to a friend playing Vanguard, type: [t vgd.servername.charname

Sending Mail: (uses the same syntax across games)

  • To send mail to someone on another EQ server, enter their name as: servername.charname
  • To send mail to a friend in EQII, enter their name as: eq2.servername.charname
  • To send mail to a friend in Planetside, enter their name as: ps.servername.charname
  • To send mail to a friend in Vanguard, enter their name as: vgd.servername.charname

The EQ server names for these commands are as follows:

  • Antonius Bayle (Kane) - antonius
  • Bertoxxulous (Saryrn) - bertox
  • Bristlebane (The Tribunal) - bristle
  • Cazic Thule (Brell Serilis) - cazic
  • Drinal (Tarew Marr) - drinal
  • Erollisi Marr (The Nameless) - erollisi
  • Fennin Ro (Torvonnilous) - fenninro
  • Fippy Darkpaw - fippy
  • Firiona Vie (Roleplay Preferred) - firiona
  • Luclin (Stromm) - luclin
  • Povar (Quellious) - povar
  • The Rathe (Prexus) - rathe
  • Trakanon - trakanon
  • Tunare (The Seventh Hammer) - tunare
  • Vulak`Aerr - vulak
  • Xegony (Druzzil Ro) - xegony
  • Zek (PvP) - zek

The EQII server names for these commands are as follows:

  • Antonia Bayle - antonia_bayle
  • Butcherblock - butcherblock
  • Crushbone - crushbone
  • Everfrost - everfrost
  • Freeport - freeport
  • Guk - guk
  • Nagafen - nagafen
  • Oasis - oasis
  • Permafrost - permafrost
  • Unrest - unrest
  • Valor (German) - valor
  • Splitpaw (English / EU) - splitpaw
  • Sebilis (Japanese) - sebilis
  • Storms (French) - storms

Autojoining chat channels[edit | edit source]

If you are not familiar with the /autojoin command here is a quick rundown on how it works:

  • /autojoin channel1, channel2, channel3, channel4:password, channel5, ...., channel10
  • If you want to stop auto joining a certain channel just redo the command leaving that channel out; if you wish to stop autojoining all of the channels you have chosen then simply do the command and leave it blank after it: /autojoin
  • If a channel is full and you get sent to an overflow channel, then autojoin will stick the last channel into that spot and go on and try the overflow last (maybe it tries the original again then goes to overflow) but your /list will look like this if you get an overflow on say channel 3:
Channels: 1=channel1(23), 2=channel2(35), 3=channel10(52), 4=channel4(150), 5=channel5(100), 6=channel6(75), 7=channel7(15), 8=channel8(54), 9=channel9(15), 10=channel31(5)
  • Just typing /list will list the channels you are currently in along with what channel # they are
  • Typing /list channel1 or /list 1 will list all of the people in that channel.

Editing autojoin[edit | edit source]

The June 19, 2013 patch introduced the ability to /autojoin add channel and /autojoin remove channel, allowing modifications to happen (sort of) in game. However, it seems to add the channels to the end of your autojoin.

To edit your autojoin channels via the ini file

  • Go to your EverQuest folder, and open the UI_charactername_server.ini file.
  • Run a 'Find' on the word autojoin. This will take you right where you need to go.
  • Edit your autojoin string as desired - add, remove, or rearrange.

If you're not in game, just save the file, and you're done. It will be changed when you load back in.

If you ARE in the game, and you want the changes to take effect immediately

  • Copy your autojoin string from the ini file.
  • Go back into EverQuest, and /leave 1 repeatedly until you're not in any channels anymore.
  • Type /join then paste the autojoin string from your ini. This will have you rejoining the channels in the same order that they'll be on your autojoin.
  • Typing /join and pasting (as above) will join the channels. However, if you want to save them for future autojoining, then type /autojoin and paste.