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Achievements are a goal defined outside of normal quests. Unlike the normal systems of quests, achievements are not given by NPCs and may involve everything from the mundane, e.g. simply visiting a zone, to very difficult feats accomplished during another quest.

To view achievements, just type /ach in a chat window or use the EQ Button under Character. It also uses the default keyboard shortcut Shift-M. To place a link to an achievement into the chat window, Ctrl-Left click on the image next to the achievement title.

Achievements were added to the game with the Underfoot expansion.


Slayer achievements were introduced in Rain of Fear.

Every mob that you kill in Norrath has an achievement attached to it. The achievements compile based on the number of each type of mob that you kill.

The primary rewards for this new system are new special AAs and titles. As you kill more and more of each type of mob, you begin to learn more about the weaknesses of each individual race. Once you've slain enough of a particular group of mobs you'll earn a special AA (Banestrike) that deals damage to that particular race.

There is also a premiere title you can earn for completing all parts of the hunter system. With 722 different mob types in game, this new system presents a massive wall of achievements to be earned.

When killing an NPC that is part of a Slayer achievement, you'll automatically get updated and your current kill counts can be viewed in the achievement window.

Overcoming faction problems[edit]

One of the problems with getting some of the Slayer achievements is that it requires you to kill races that may have faction. You can overcome this problem by killing mobs of the races in zones where they do not have faction (or the faction is irrelevant).

Some examples:

If you do ruin a faction, you might be able to fix it by purchasing potions from the Loyalty vendor.


Once you kill enough of a type of mob, you will be granted the AA Banestrike. Once every 60 seconds (this can be reduced down to 45 seconds with enough achievements) an extra attack is done against that type of mob.

Banestrike used to require you to push a button, however it was changed to a passive ability. In addition to a button, you could manually activate Banestrike with the command /alt activate 15073.

Banestrike has been changed to a passive ability that triggers off of melee attacks, ranged attacks, and direct-spell damage. The ability has been changed to not break root.

Game Update Notes: July 18, 2018

Banestrike can now be triggered by damage-over-time and target's-target spells.

Game Update Notes: August 15, 2018

Banestrike will not work on any "raid" mob, which means mobs that show, "This creature would take an army to defeat!", when you /con it.


See also: List of Collection items

Collection items were introduced in Rain of Fear. The items each fit into unique sets, and provide additional insight into the lore and stories of EverQuest.

There are two ways to gather these collections. Some of the items are found through drops. Others are placed out in the open in the zone and "sparkle" in order to grab the adventurer's attention and promote exploration. The items and collections are themed to each area. For example, you may collect Beard Styles off of Coldain and Frost Giants.

In addition to the achievements they unlock, you'll also get rewards for completing each of the various collections. You will receive approximately 20% of the XP that would be necessary for the level each collection is intended for, as well as another 20% for completion of the entire zone. Some collections also come attached with items and titles.

Many of these collection items are tradable.

A collectible item will have the "Collectible" tag in the item display window.

To collect an item, right click on the item. When collecting an item you'll receive a notification message. Collection achievements will then update.

Each collection set still has a list of 100-400 possible coordinates that the items can spawn at. Each set has a limit on the maximum number of spawns that can be up at any given time. When there are less active spawns than that set's limit, a script pulls a coordinate randomly from the list of possible spawn locations and puts a random item from the collection set there (based on a weighted list).

So there are fixed coordinates, but it's still a very large list of options that it chooses from randomly with each spawn.

Augur, EQ Developer

Heroic Adventures[edit]

3 to 4 collection items spawn in each Heroic Adventure. Beginning with the February 2014 patch, it was standardized to 4 per Heroic Adventure.

Rain of Fear[edit]

Call of the Forsaken[edit]

Empires of Kunark[edit]