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Combine Dredge is a tier 3 zone in The Darkened Sea expansion. The zone is locked until you complete some quests.

Zone layout[edit]



Hundreds of years ago, the Combine Empire ruled much of the known lands. Their powerful magics influenced many cultures and unusual world events, helping to forge Norrath into what it is today. Many of their wondrous creations still exist however, as reminders of a once glorious past.

The Combine knew their land well and went to great efforts to extract the most valuable resources from it. Some of their greatest geomancers took to what is now the Darkened Sea to raise sections of the sea floor for harvesting purposes. These raised platforms were once known as the Combine Dredge. It was later abandoned after the mighty sea god Prexus attacked the platforms and sank the outpost stationed there. While some survived due to a newly developed magical technology that helped them breathe and move around easily underwater, it was still a severe blow to the Empire.

Now, in the midst of the chaos of the immense storm caused by the Karana-worshiping kedge, your assistance is needed in Combine Dredge.Lanys T`vyl’s cultists have discovered the platforms and treasures there. Scouts bring word that some of the Combine from Arx Mentis have also returned to the area and have allied themselves with Lanys. Certainly no good can come of this!

What Are They Gathering in Combine Dredge?

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