Darklight Caverns

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Darklight Caverns is a tier 2 zone in the Night of Shadows expansion. In order to enter the zone, you must finish the three story quests in Deepshade and then receive and complete a task from A spirit of perseverance in Deepshade.

Expansion Night of Shadows
Continent Luclin
Type Indoors
Instanced No
Keyed Yes
Levitation Yes
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Zone layout[edit]



The Primal Spirits faction includes the NPCs Shae, Valia, and Yasil. Doing any of their quests grants you +25 in the faction. Completing any of their quests will enable you to gain the faction toward the gift/achievement from any of them. The rewards are granted based on your standing with The Primal Spirits (kindly, warmly, and ally -- plus one extra completion of the quest for each. So: 525, 775, and 1125).


Deep below Luclin's surface, deeper even than the Deepshade, lies a never-before-seen domain: Darklight Caverns.

Once a simple series of tunnels and caves, the caverns have been greatly influenced by the concentration of mystical animal spirits who have been hiding there since the kerrans were first sent to Luclin. In order to escape a terrible fate at the hands of the Akheva, the goddess Sahteb Mahlni ushered the animal spirits into Darklight Caverns and placed a protective illusion in front of its entrance to keep out those who would enter with dubious intentions. Though they once thought they'd eventually be freed from their confines, they've come to believe, many decades later, they are resigned to their fates in the caverns.


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