Degmar, the Lost Castle

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Degmar, the Lost Castle is a tier 3 zone in The Darkened Sea expansion. The zone is locked until you complete some quests.

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Lore[edit | edit source]

Entombed at the deepest, darkest point in the Darkened Sea is a mighty castle. One might argue that such a place is not fitting for a castle, least of all a dwarven one. Well of course no dwarf worth his weight in ore would willingly build a castle in such a locale. Unfortunately however, this was not by choice.

Hundreds of years ago, the powerful Combine Empire transported this castle and its inhabitants to the bottom of the sea. At the time, it was known as Castle Degmar. As the years have passed however, it has come to be known as The Lost Castle.

The great storm caused by the Karana-worshiping kedge wizards ravaged the islands to the north. While the islands still need to be saved, during the chaos documents from the Combine Empire were found. Through these missives, Norrathian’s discovered there might yet be survivors in that old castle. What’s more – the great library in the castle could hold the key to what is ailing the islands!

Able adventurer, it’s up to you to save any survivors that might still be down there held captive by the old magic of the Combine Empire, and gather any information you can find on Karana and magical storms. It might yet be the pivotal turning point to restoring balance to Norrath. If not, the dark days ahead are sure to get worse.

Degmar, The Lost Castle: What’s Old is Still New

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