Earring of Rallos Zek

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A series of tradeskill quests create an Earring of Rallos Zek, with it gaining power (and changing name) throughout the quest series.


Each quest beyond the first requires a different ToV achievement completed before you can move on.

  1. All Hail the Cleansing (EQ Resource)
  2. Orcs on Ice (EQ Resource)
  3. The Foundation (EQ Resource)
  4. The Morale of Despair (EQ Resource) - Note that for this quest, if you once had the The Tower of Frozen Shadow (Torment of Velious) keys and no longer have them, you can click on each mirror on the floors needed and the quest should update.
  5. Strategic Results (EQ Resource)
  6. Tactical Observations (EQ Resource)
  7. Totality of War (EQ Resource)

Upon completing Totality of War, you will then have to complete the Conqueror of Torment of Velious achievement, then combine the final evolved earring with a Heart Shard of the Statue, 2 Ice of Velious, 2 Vial of Purified Mana and an appropriate archtype emblem using jewelry making. This will create the final earring based on your class.

New recipes[edit]

In addition to being granted the tradeskill recipes needed to complete the quests, you are also granted several other recipes for augmentations.

Midway through The Morale of Despair you are granted:

Midway through Strategic Results you are granted the recipe for the next earring plus four power sources: